Redneck YouTuber Attempts His FIRST 1,500 Horsepower Dyno Run! *BALD EAGLE ALERT*

  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • Leroy is back on the Hub Dyno at For the Performance and he's RIPPIN!
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  • Jester Avrgjoe

    Jester Avrgjoe

     3 months ago +3401

    I wanna see “The Giraffe” with a “Arkansas Waterfall” AKA “THE Mullet” hair do.

  • Rob Boo

    Rob Boo

     21 days ago

    Wheres the mullet brother

  • Salvador Sena

    Salvador Sena

     1 months ago

    Better start working on the mullet! ;D

  • Donnie Beaver

    Donnie Beaver

     1 months ago

    Looks like you goinf to have a Joe Dirt hair cut

  • Antony Lowick

    Antony Lowick

     1 months ago

    If there is no mullet at the "nats" your not will be disappointing Australia lol

  • Freeworld USA

    Freeworld USA

     1 months ago

    i never loved the roller dyno and spraying glue to make this much power

  • chad burgess

    chad burgess

     1 months ago

    I see that speed3 in the background!

  • d3sigN8t3dDruNk


     1 months ago

    "i got approval from my gf"....lmfao

  • Tyler Meador

    Tyler Meador

     1 months ago


  • Chris Jaramillo

    Chris Jaramillo

     1 months ago

    "Leroy is back!" What? He never left

  • Ben Childers

    Ben Childers

     1 months ago

    Trying to catch that big black demon vette

  • TG Lasers

    TG Lasers

     1 months ago

    this car... or whatever it might classify as has to have the worst weight distribution ever.

  • True American Gamer

    True American Gamer

     1 months ago

    Mullet timeeeee!!!

  • 33Ddg209Ret7


     1 months ago

    Don't lie! It was the electric turbo......

  • Brock Hargraves

    Brock Hargraves

     1 months ago

    Time to start growing that biatch lol

  • Ronald Smith

    Ronald Smith

     1 months ago

    Co'on guys lets look at screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don Wilson

    Don Wilson

     1 months ago

    well its past the number you asked for, whens the mullet coming?

  • Mr. F

    Mr. F

     1 months ago

    Poor little rich kid.

  • Philip Loyd Recto

    Philip Loyd Recto

     1 months ago


  • Sin Eater

    Sin Eater

     1 months ago

    Guess we get to see a mollet soon lol