Chinese Tools vs iFixit Kit!

  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
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    If the iFixit kit is too expensive for your blood, don’t worry – AliExpress has got you covered. But can it hold its own against the reliable workhorse?

    Buy an iFixit kit:
    On Amazon:
    From iFixit:

    Buy the good bits of the "iFuxit" Kit:
    Screwdriver set:
    Metal spudgers set:
    iFixit-style tweezers kit:

    Buy the gash bits of the "iFuxit" Kit:
    Plastic stick spudgers:
    Plastic wide spudgers:
    Suction cups:
    A whole phone repair kit:
    ESD Strap: (Please don't buy these - They don't work)

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  • Harrison


     10 hours ago

    Mack Weldon's silver li-. At the link below!

  • Limerence


     2 days ago

    If you are serieus about repairs, don’t buy either of these kits. Get a Wiha kit. These will seriously last a minimum of a thoudand phone repairs and I don’t think it’s that much more expensive than ifixit’s kit.

  • Escape the Matrix

    Escape the Matrix

     2 days ago

    Just ordered (2) IFixIt kits. I buy the best.

  • Matthew Halbrook

    Matthew Halbrook

     5 days ago

    Linus seemed..... confused by the fact that some of the off brands stood up to ifixit quite well

  • Mo Yang

    Mo Yang

     7 days ago

    All made in Chinese I believe...logoed vs unlogoed

  • Greg Geis

    Greg Geis

     7 days ago

    The thing that wasn’t covered is the tool hardness as well. If you’ve ever made a mini star bit look like a twizler you know what I’m referring to. Then you need a new kit.

  • iExpertxC4x


     7 days ago

    I've got these orange tools its works for me

  • Matt Miller

    Matt Miller

     7 days ago

    i fux it kit

  • imark7777777


     7 days ago

    Just happened to forget to talk about the warranty. I had the original silver screwdriver kit that was referred to and I love the handle, I had a little bit of issue with the bits chewing out and I finally got around to figuring out which five where the bad ones and contacted them and they replaced my whole kit with the new one!! The bits seem like they're better and I haven't have any issues so far and if I want I can use the old handle but in some ways I like the new handle too. I will say if you go for a generic kit be aware that not all of the bits have the same strength which could be good that you won't strip out a screw at the same time you might end up stepping out screws when you strip out your bits.....

  • HellishGrin460


     7 days ago

    Couldn’t have gone with “iFakeit”?

  • Vivek Rohila

    Vivek Rohila

     14 days ago

    Did you changed your camera?

  • Lord BoSa

    Lord BoSa

     14 days ago

    Did i just see an underwear ad on a tech channel?

  • VVill


     14 days ago

    When you lose a long time sponsor and are bitter

  • Derek Rodriguez

    Derek Rodriguez

     14 days ago

    I got a freaking ad from honey with Linus in it before the video even started. Talk about marketing

  • Tejas Kapil

    Tejas Kapil

     14 days ago +1

    Do ifixit’s 64 bit drivers only work on 64 bit devices?

  • Koton Bads

    Koton Bads

     14 days ago

    The iFixIt angled tweezers are for magical battery pull tabs

  • den meer

    den meer

     14 days ago

    i bought a really compact 30 bit kit from aliexpress for €4.50 shipped and i love it

  • Tay Gumi

    Tay Gumi

     14 days ago

    I have tools from the 3rd German Rich (more than 80 years old), USAFE (more than 50years old) and also from iFixit. These are the best Imo, I would never use any other tools anymore. :DD

  • Mr. Mania

    Mr. Mania

     14 days ago

    I had that exact same orange kit a while ago

  • Curious Tinkering

    Curious Tinkering

     21 days ago

    Like power supplies, precision tool kits are not the ones you should skimp on.