Chinese Tools vs iFixit Kit!

  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
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    If the iFixit kit is too expensive for your blood, don’t worry – AliExpress has got you covered. But can it hold its own against the reliable workhorse?

    Buy an iFixit kit:
    On Amazon:
    From iFixit:

    Buy the good bits of the "iFuxit" Kit:
    Screwdriver set:
    Metal spudgers set:
    iFixit-style tweezers kit:

    Buy the gash bits of the "iFuxit" Kit:
    Plastic stick spudgers:
    Plastic wide spudgers:
    Suction cups:
    A whole phone repair kit:
    ESD Strap: (Please don't buy these - They don't work)

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  • Ahmet Emir Bayraktar

    Ahmet Emir Bayraktar

     5 hours ago


  • MaPorcaTrotaATutti


     3 days ago

    Those spudgers you bought are crap, there are much better ones that are as strong as the ifixit ones

  • Surya V

    Surya V

     3 days ago

    Linus:"Hit me with what you found"
    The Guy with sharp tools: "Man I wanted to do that since I joined"

    Next Day Daily News : A man was kiiled in a tech video for trying out Chinese tools

  • Philippecr


     5 days ago

    Are those ifixit kits "MADE IN CHINA"?

  • Diego Andrés Moreno Ramírez

    Diego Andrés Moreno Ramírez

     7 days ago

    me gustó el video pero hubiera sido mejor comparar el kit Ifixit con el Yaxun YX-6019, yo personalmente tengo los 2 y la gran diferencia es precio

  • Eflo


     7 days ago

    ifixit kits really dont have that high quality of drivers. Ill stick to Wera any day over them.

  • NinjaR3APER


     14 days ago

    "AND THAT" Points at antony be lookin like he saw a ghost😳

  • Andrew Lewis

    Andrew Lewis

     14 days ago

    I have that exact orange screwdriver kit and it serves me perfectly well, I love it! Mine has some additional things though, I got it from Amazon and it has markings on the rubber to show which bit is which, and came with a guitar pick and prying tool plus some additional bits, overall it's awesome.

  • drerod89


     14 days ago

    I got a 117 piece tool kit at tractor supply co for $15 but my brother got me an Ifixit kit for Christmas and the quality of the ifixit kit tools makes up for the lack of unnecessary bits in the $15 kit

  • sneeky Gamer772

    sneeky Gamer772

     14 days ago

    Ifucksit... beautiful just beautiful

  • BlankEssence


     14 days ago

    Yo the clear winner is iFixit.

  • Manuel


     14 days ago

    you only compared it to ONE other kit saying it has less bits.....obviously there are dozens of kits out there that have the same or more bits.

  • Jack Bork

    Jack Bork

     14 days ago

    The non wired antistatic straps dont work at all, a youtuber named electroboom made a video on it

  • PegFear


     21 days ago

    In my experience ifixit won't replace plastic tools. Only the metal ones.

  • Michael Head

    Michael Head

     21 days ago +1

    How durable are these? I bought an iFixit set 4 years ago and the main bits I used wore out in a matter of days.

  • Columbus 1492

    Columbus 1492

     21 days ago

    Those are zip ties. Twizzers are those things u use to secure cables and such for when building pcs

  • matrixbg


     21 days ago

    I bought the orange case screwdriver kit, it's actually pretty bad. I was taking apart an old GPU and now I don't have a complete set. The bolts were very tight and the screws are now twisted. Do not recommend.



     28 days ago


  • howzechris1


     28 days ago

    That dude is so fucking fat he looks Asian in the face because his eyes are squinting because he's so fat that his cheeks pushes up and his forehead fat pushes down where you can't even see his freaking eye balls so no one can tell where he's looking he could be looking at your titties or at a fat ass on a girl and they would never know he was looking at that part of there body lmao

  • Mira Does Nothing

    Mira Does Nothing

     1 months ago

    Is the Pro Tech Toolkit magnetised?