Chinese Tools vs iFixit Kit!

  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
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    If the iFixit kit is too expensive for your blood, don’t worry – AliExpress has got you covered. But can it hold its own against the reliable workhorse?

    Buy an iFixit kit:
    On Amazon:
    From iFixit:

    Buy the good bits of the "iFuxit" Kit:
    Screwdriver set:
    Metal spudgers set:
    iFixit-style tweezers kit:

    Buy the gash bits of the "iFuxit" Kit:
    Plastic stick spudgers:
    Plastic wide spudgers:
    Suction cups:
    A whole phone repair kit:
    ESD Strap: (Please don't buy these - They don't work)

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  • Kevin Uusna

    Kevin Uusna

     4 days ago

    test the bits too, see if they break easily

  • Roy Gherbil

    Roy Gherbil

     4 days ago

    Does it include an allen wrench?

  • herbsabeast1


     4 days ago

    @Anthony why did you not look into the wowgo toolkit. #linusteck tips review the wowgo.

  • Ron Swanson

    Ron Swanson

     5 days ago

    Ifixit is to expensive u can get dam near the same kit from amazon for $20

  • Argo Mium

    Argo Mium

     5 days ago

    Linus: 11:41

  • Walt Kowalski

    Walt Kowalski

     5 days ago

    one more thing at that moment all your hypocrisy came out
    I don't know why people watching you bitch of corporations
    now suck my cyber dick bitch and go too hell woke man

  • Walt Kowalski

    Walt Kowalski

     5 days ago

    funny I have mako kit and nothing break the bits screw in and out the screws normally
    I don't see a point of this video when almost everything is made in China and all Asia region

  • Jerry Wang

    Jerry Wang

     6 days ago +2

    11:41 Todays sponsor is Massdrop, featuring the NuForce EDC3 in-ear MONITORS

  • Ya Yeet

    Ya Yeet

     6 days ago

    I would buy an ifixit kit but they are so expensive

  • Tom Garcia

    Tom Garcia

     7 days ago

    get some wiha drivers

  • Lintassimilator


     7 days ago

    The ifixit kit and "chinesium copies" are all made in china.
    You're paying for branding.

  • Puro


     7 days ago +1

    As a person who has built PCs since the 90s, I've never once worn an anti-static bullshit bracelet and I've never heard of anyone else using it.
    I've never heard of anyone having issues by not using it, either.

  • Supes


     7 days ago +1

    the tools you should have tested more. I got some offbrand ones almost exactly like that and something I learned was that their tolerances are a LOT different. They WILL strip your screws. I have an ifixit kit now and before that another bigger brand from homedepot with a lot less bits both were WAAAAYYYYY better and ifixit locks up every time like the screw was made by the same people that made the bits. The cheapo shit will strip your screws.

  • Stebbi LV

    Stebbi LV

     7 days ago

    The iFixIt extension is also bendy

  • Top City

    Top City

     7 days ago +1

    You should have turned some screws with the screwdriver. Cheap bits tend to strip very easily.

  • Javaiar


     14 days ago

    iFixit Kit Is Expensive 💰💰💰

  • Jp Gonz.

    Jp Gonz.

     14 days ago

    Anyone looked on harbor freight?

  • Will Kim

    Will Kim

     14 days ago

    the tools from ifixit is the same stuff from china and ifixit extorts you

  • Rin Kyouma

    Rin Kyouma

     14 days ago +2

    The problem with those China-made toolkit is that when used on really hard to twist screws,the tips become rounded. The metallic tips are rather soft.

  • SpeakersIsGod


     14 days ago

    I fucked it kit? Ohhhh. He did. Indeed lol