Making Easy $2000 in 4 Days , How to Fix Curb Rash | Flip Money #1

  • Published on:  Thursday, September 5, 2019
  • This Week I picked up some 24x14 Hostile wheels for an Insane Deal. Spent 3-4 hours fixing them up and then i sold them in Less then a week from buying them for triple the money.

    Like this new series? let me know if i should continue it.

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  • Judahs Garage

    Judahs Garage

     4 months ago +862

    Some of y’all think making money on someone is “ripping people off”. News flash guys. Everyone in this world is making money off each other everyday. Either this guy was going to buy wheels off me , or he was going to spend his money somewhere else.

  • Canada! Place 2 be!!

    Canada! Place 2 be!!

     an hour ago

    Ohh no he riped u off. U want lower price. That is the normal. Looks like u had you're job set out for u. He new dam well what to do make u think u got a deal. U ever think about that???

  • Canada! Place 2 be!!

    Canada! Place 2 be!!

     an hour ago

    Look like airless tires

  • Canada! Place 2 be!!

    Canada! Place 2 be!!

     an hour ago

    Someone made them bigger. As u can see. Its a new fade. The look so stubid. Wide. Ive got the best shit. Its for that white lettering on tires. The. Add blue now. And never us pressure. Washer. U did not get that good deal there 900.. snd thats why he went hi. To make u think u got a steal...

  • Not _Youngjustice

    Not _Youngjustice

     2 days ago

    Elon musk?🤣🤣

  • That Red 6.7 Guy

    That Red 6.7 Guy

     2 days ago

    Id be big time pissed if I found out I payed 2k for wheels that are rattle canned.....

  • Joshua Juarez

    Joshua Juarez

     3 days ago

    Thought “curb rash repair” was the video. Not “watch me clean rims with soap and water”

  • GMC Luna

    GMC Luna

     3 days ago

    Diy leds on speakers

  • JudgeDreadzz


     3 days ago

    Take a shot every time he says "that's the plan"

  • Precision Gaming

    Precision Gaming

     3 days ago

    They're clearly used wheels and the guy knows that when buying them. He even mentioned that there's some brake dust on them lol.... You people need to not get all butthurt over anything and everything that doesn't benefit you. Great video man, new sub!

  • anthony M

    anthony M

     4 days ago

    You’re one smart fucker I give you that ..that’s one of the most boss moves I’ve seen in a wile you’re definitely a true hustler 👏🏻

  • christopher daley

    christopher daley

     7 days ago


  • Archie Leech

    Archie Leech

     7 days ago

    hey the dudes not braggin here about the coin he made- he's trying to teach others 'how-to'. If you dont like it, get off your ass and make some coin instead of tossin jealous vibes on him. He didnt put a gun to anyones head buying the wheels and he sold them off 'sweat equity' so peace out to Judahs Garage!

  • Mustang Sally

    Mustang Sally

     7 days ago

    Nice job, loved the video.

  • MrLostMyMind


     7 days ago

    Nice Hustle, but dude obviously has money to throw away, & doesn’t do his homework! Smh 🤣

  • Tino Rubio

    Tino Rubio

     7 days ago

    Much respect to the hustle.

  • Dimitri Akrum

    Dimitri Akrum

     7 days ago

    More videos like this

  • Carlos loco

    Carlos loco

     7 days ago

    2200 plus 700= 3000

  • Music gg

    Music gg

     14 days ago

    You should try "Mothers wheel and tire cleaner" it takes the break dust off instantly

  • Edward Bautista

    Edward Bautista

     14 days ago

    You got one more subscriber my friend good work