Thomas Reid - If I Told You The Truth

  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 6, 2019
  • Exclusive Premiere of 'If I Told You the Truth' by Thomas Reid
    🎧 Lofi/Chill Beats 🎧

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    Thomas Reid

    artwork by @bootleganime

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  • the bootleg boy

    the bootleg boy

     a months ago +81

    another beautiful one from Thomas Reid, use the comments below as a safe space to share your feelings 💜

  • Top Music

    Top Music

     14 days ago

    If I Told You The Truth​ Please don't hate me

  • спайси - mcpe

    спайси - mcpe

     21 days ago

    1:36 - 2:13 here is the lofi. all time this song was like just words. i don't like this so muuuch :( and the problem is that most of bootleg songs are like this.

    sorry, my english is a piece of shit👍

  • Astro brown

    Astro brown

     21 days ago

    I wanna die.

  • Johanne Therien

    Johanne Therien

     21 days ago

    Ok !!!

  • brell


     21 days ago

    I don't know who's about to hear this but I have a crush on someone and he's giving me signs that he likes me too but I don't want to assume but if I told him the truth will he accept it?

  • The Exotic G4mer

    The Exotic G4mer

     21 days ago +4

    It would be, a bit over a year ago now. I attended an anime/gaming convention, I was a volunteer actually (cosplayed of course, as Natsu from fairy tail for anyone interested).

    I was working my shift at a photo booth, having fun, taking photos with people. Just the usual convention things I guess you could say. When my friend working with me at the photo booth says “have you noticed those group of girls starring at you?” Not believing or more so not even fully understanding what he says I reply with “what” in confusion, so he spins me around and instantly I see a group of about 4-5 girls i wanna say, with one in the middle standing out from the rest, I couldn’t tell why, she had a pink wig on, maybe that was it. Needless to say I instantly turned back around, since I’m more of a shy person, “nah surely not, they must just be wanting to use the photobooth” I reply, flustered, resuming helping people use the photobooth.

    That’s when it happens. I feel someone tapping me on the back, I spin around and it was the girl with the pink wig. She throws a letter in my hands and in the heat of the moment all I can say is “uhh, did you want a photo?” Assuming she was a fan of natsu and being at a convention, photos were very common. She’s takes a few steps back, blushing shaking her head and runs away, And I mean sprinted away,, she was here one second and gone the next. I look at my friend who looks at me and look down at the letter in my hands which I join him, it was sealed in an envelope. I put it aside for the minute as my shift was coming to an end meaning I was still working.

    When my break comes to enjoy the convention I pull out the letter again,, open it up just expecting it to say something about my cosplay. The letter said “umm hi, you’re hot. That’s all, have a nice day” with a little drawing of her blushing on the letter. (Come to know later that she’s an artist) the convention was only a 2 day event and I never really seen her again for the rest of the convention,, every time I did- she would run away from me.

    But something just, felt different about her, I found myself constantly thinking about her, like. Something was calling me, I don’t really know how to explain it, I just felt like I wanted to get to know her. When I finally got home after the convention, I couldn’t get the whole encounter of her giving me the letter out of my head, i couldn’t stop thinking about her. So that night I got back I did all the searching I could to find her on Instagram, even posting about her letter, in hopes she might somehow see it. And she did. I instantly messaged her, thanking her for the letter and being the highlight of the convention for me. Because I never got to thank her in person. She was really, and I mean really cute, she was still dying over text when I thanked her.

    But that was it really, I thanked her and she said her hellos and no worries, we didn’t really make conversation or continue talking. Until about a week later, I still, couldn’t stop thinking about her. I just, never felt like this towards anyone ever,, I’m 19 now. Still young I know but I never had this feeling before, with anyone. So I decided to message her again, it took her a tiny bit to get back to me. But we made conversation that same day, got to know each other, and from that day onwards. We talked, everyday, every morning every night, saying good mornings and goodnights. I was falling in love with her.

    The more we talked, I noticed she was very very thankful and just, very emotional that I would talk to her, say nice things. She would say things like “I’ve never been treated this nice before / no ones ever said such kind things to me before / thank you for putting up with me” etc. I never understood why, she was perfect. Kind, caring, amazing, she began showing me all of her art and it was so amazing to me, it still is. In short, this girl changed my life

    It wasn’t until one day, we met up and she finally opened up about some things. The day I messaged her again, that one week after the convention. She was,, ready to suicide. She wanted to attend the convention first, but that’s when we crossed paths. And she didn’t that day because she seen my message come through, and that changed her mind. In 4 days is our 8 month anniversary, and she’s my everything 💕 I still have her letter to this day

  • winna days

    winna days

     21 days ago

    They say they better hear hurt words from the truth than a liar, but when i told em the truth

    They walk away

  • Gaerospace Tech

    Gaerospace Tech

     21 days ago +1

    I told her the truth and she hated to hear it

  • Sophia Zhang

    Sophia Zhang

     28 days ago

    I can’t think of anything positive from your sacrifices, but pain for me (and for you, if you meant to love me, not if you’re just playing). So, true or false, you went toxic all the way, and sinking yourself into the devil and call it love. I can’t think of love ❤️ from you to me that way, cause you won’t show it to me, only words. Sad sad sad. Is this the life you’d like to live? Keeping your ways up, I can assure you: a life of blissful agony in your term, which, only suits you, not me for sure.

  • i will take your ammo

    i will take your ammo

     28 days ago +1

    I liked someone
    If i told them that i liked them
    Would they talk to me again?
    Would they leave just like mom?
    Would they say yes?
    Would they say no?

    I wish i didn't know that answer

  • chasmic _

    chasmic _

     28 days ago

    There is this one guy.. he- he is really something else. He is incredibly funny, smart, nice. He has two sides. The one he shows to me and the one he shows to everyone else. It's sad that he can't show his amazing self. Unfortunately, he always is standoffish when infront of anybody. And I can't deal with someone who will never be proud to be next to me in public.

  • Kevin Valenzuela

    Kevin Valenzuela

     28 days ago +1

    Thanks man I really need something like this

  • Vapor Boy

    Vapor Boy

     28 days ago +1

    You should make Merch which your logo

  • jedson gustavo

    jedson gustavo

     28 days ago +1

    l love you the love

  • XxMeower2008xX d:

    XxMeower2008xX d:

     28 days ago +1

    We need a raining in n o r t h c a r o l i n a

  • Markus Herbst

    Markus Herbst

     28 days ago

    What are the chords to this song? I'd love to learn

  • Markus Herbst

    Markus Herbst

     28 days ago

    Like seriously wtf
    How does the bootleg boy know like honestly
    This was the first song that got recommended to me
    I fucking can't tell the truth to that one person

  • Ayantaek33 Taek33

    Ayantaek33 Taek33

     28 days ago

    Sadd :')

  • Silent Bøy

    Silent Bøy

     28 days ago +1

    i did tell her the truth
    i did lost her that day
    i did...