$50 Hotel Room VS $5,000 Hotel Room



  • 30,000 subs for pizza

    30,000 subs for pizza

     5 days ago +3352

    Your crush is about to kiss you
    Like to activate also u saw my name do ur job



     yesterday +94

    the $5000 hotel ofcourse looks beautiful, but that $50 one is very good for the price!

  • Guadalupe c.c

    Guadalupe c.c

     yesterday +77

    Brawadis and Anthony should make a YouTube channel together I would be laughing my ass off the WHOLE time🤣

  • MAH 41117

    MAH 41117

     4 days ago +710

    The $50 hotel legit blew my mind, being so clean, updated & nice. "Maybe we need to start bringing girls here" 😂 You guys legit should've gave props & creds to that $50 hotel. 😂

  • Wofulest clan

    Wofulest clan

     3 days ago +53

    FaZe Rug: I love your accent
    Two kids: ....
    FaZe Rug: Awkward moment.

  • Crookツ B3

    Crookツ B3

     5 days ago +452

    This is how many years of good luck u will have

  • Gloria Galvanev

    Gloria Galvanev

     3 days ago +22

    Spend the night at the hunted tunnel and watch the Conjuring!!!🔥💯💯

  • Sean Ferree

    Sean Ferree

     4 days ago +281

    Did you check under the mattress for bed bugs? 😁

  • Caitlyn Downing

    Caitlyn Downing

     2 days ago +12

    Is the $5000 dollar hotel a house😂 it’s so big and has everything.

  • EyeGreen -

    EyeGreen -

     3 days ago +169

    Imagine paying 8 months of rent for 1 night, I wish🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Sevster 7

    Sevster 7

     5 days ago +172

    🚫 Stop Scrolling 🖐
    You now have 7 days of good luck ✨lïke this comment if you stopped scrolling
    (I make videos btw, tell me what you think 💯)

  • V V

    V V

     4 days ago +280

    Wow, we definitely come from different socioeconomic classes if you genuinely didn’t think you could get a decent and clean hotel room for $50...

  • Creeper


     3 days ago +178

    FaZe rug you have to go to the clown motel look it up its very sketchy

  • Ian st4

    Ian st4

     yesterday +43

    8:46 Sherman says “a fridge” points at a microwave 😂

  • Ash Arroyo

    Ash Arroyo

     3 days ago +74

    The $50 hotel looks better than my house

  • Krnac


     5 days ago +1782

    Anthony makes the least amount of money buy always wears the most drip

  • STAN


     2 days ago +6

    shoutout Rug he's never afraid to give credit to where or who he got his video idea from

  • Audrey Grady

    Audrey Grady

     2 days ago +8

    $5,000: Everyone: Its a little small

  • Shelby Miller

    Shelby Miller

     2 days ago +4

    When Anthony was playing on brawadis it looked like he peed his pants

  • Toxic Aura

    Toxic Aura

     3 days ago +156

    2:25 the fans don’t like Anthony anyway. let’s prove him wrong!