My Time at "Camp Operetta"

  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • What can I say other than that was one heck of a timeScribble Showdown Tickets:♥ The Team ♥Denny: jrfieldsend@aol.comVann: for more animations! the Scenes: you're an animator, artist, gamer, or entertainer, then join us at Channel Frederator Network: Send Fanart?You can send it to me through Twitter or DeviantArt (links above)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Music: Kinda Awkward by ionics------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May your Raoole be safe and his foot fully attached forever
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  • Jaiden Animations

    Jaiden Animations

     5 days ago +3113

    Quick sidenote, the art credited as @amanda2k01 at the end was used by a handmade art tool by @SangledHere. If you like the art style of the drawing you should definitely check her stuff out :)

  • Pergo Rofa

    Pergo Rofa

     6 days ago +2638

    Jadien: I don't like being #1, I like being #2
    Youtube Trending: Say no more

  • online otaku

    online otaku

     3 days ago +426

    "I could only raise one arm"
    "Like cheetah 2"

  • WholeTuber :D

    WholeTuber :D

     2 days ago +453

    Some Random lady: So what does the tiger say?
    Kid: Make It say The "F" Word!

  • Thye Wei Ping

    Thye Wei Ping

     2 days ago +137

    2:40 Jaiden: Small bug 2 is Aragog.

  • Otto Ernst Lindemann

    Otto Ernst Lindemann

     2 days ago +132

    “No one raises one arm other than to use the restroom”
    Well except for a certain Austrian art school reject who went on to create the largest war of history....

  • ManyM&Ms


     5 days ago +2856

    "Im not good with number one spots-"
    #1 on Trending

  • Valentine Kepner

    Valentine Kepner

     3 days ago +62

    Teacher:Do you know who Washington was, kids?
    That one friend: make him say the F word

  • anjeha


     2 days ago +97

    no one:
    not one soul:
    some random kid: "make him say the "F" word"

  • Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez

     2 days ago +28

    Me: Raul
    Ms. Animation(Yes I watched Doms video): iT’s RaOoLe

  • CoreyGames


     2 days ago +54

    Only two types of people raise their arm, huhh???
    3rd reich is triggered

  • Ahdeus Villanueva

    Ahdeus Villanueva

     6 days ago +6152

    “Make him say the F word”
    Ahh I see you’re a woman of culture

  • Darkness_ _YT

    Darkness_ _YT

     21 hours ago +18

    You Should Make A Singing Compilation Of Ari Screaming

  • Micah Sherman

    Micah Sherman

     3 days ago +87

    “We weren’t dropping fire in 4th grade”
    Also jaiden - 2019

  • The Official Lemon Show

    The Official Lemon Show

     22 hours ago +7

    Jaiden : Because they wanted to assign someone the role of playing the Under The Sea Melody
    Me : UNDER THE SEA~~

  • Myusername is this

    Myusername is this

     2 days ago +10

    According to Alex Clark James got punched in the face by a 9 year old in the chest boxing match,Against Alex Clark

  • Ivan Huang

    Ivan Huang

     6 days ago +4762

    I dare Jaiden to hide “make him say the f word” kid in every animation from now on.

  • 3RRØ4


     3 days ago +13

    What should the tiger fox say?
    He should say---

  • Taco Productions USA

    Taco Productions USA

     yesterday +4

    “ I didn’t know I was able to have an opinion” -Every Soviet citizen 1991

  • Magdalena Todoroska

    Magdalena Todoroska

     2 days ago +6

    “So I could only raise one arm! *likecheetah2*”