Romania, Village Life in Transylvania

  • Published on:  Sunday, February 24, 2019
  • A beautiful little documentary of village life in Gyimes, in the South Eastern Carpathians in 2018. Ancient, vernacular, small farm-houses line the stoned side roads on which horse-drawn vehicles carry logs, hay, stone and people this way and that all day long. Most people live by small-scale farming producing their own honey, cheese, bread, veg and fruit, milk and meat. Water is always from the well, pure, sparkling and cold. Cows and sheep wear bells and high above the village the mountain meadows hum with insect life while the extraordinarily rich flora remains untouched by sprays and chemicals.
    Szekler people, Romania's Hungarian speaking minority live in Gyimes, which now lies within Bacau county. The history of the area and its association with Transylvania, is very complicated .... I am no historian and apologise for any errors I have made.
    Enjoy the film, all taken with a little, hand-held Panasonic HC X920.
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  • Lajos Nagy

    Lajos Nagy

     6 hours ago

    why they speaking Hungarian with the kid at 21:00 ??

  • Seduction Sanctuary TV

    Seduction Sanctuary TV

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  • SuperSadie


     21 hours ago

    I feel sorry for the animals.

  • 1socalshocker



    I bet the air is so clean there. It reminds me of the place I grew up as a child a long time ago. It is all different now with the new push for globalism. They want a McDonald's on every corner. McDonald's coming soon to Transylvania. Then they will outlaw horses on the street and cows in the yards. Mark my words.

  • Mohsin Buiyan

    Mohsin Buiyan


    Very Very Nice romania

  • Laurențiu stoica

    Laurențiu stoica

     yesterday +1

    Bad is Romania

  • Laurențiu stoica

    Laurențiu stoica

     yesterday +1

    This is no Romania this is city gipsy

  • Pawan Ghai

    Pawan Ghai

     2 days ago

    I love Romania

  • Duck Georg

    Duck Georg

     3 days ago

    Widac do czego komuna doprowadzia rumunie. Dobrze ze Polska juz niejest komunistyczna, ale zaraza komunistow jeszcze jest.

  • Urszula Gromadzka

    Urszula Gromadzka

     3 days ago

    Die schreib Fehler mach man aus Leiden muz

  • Urszula Gromadzka

    Urszula Gromadzka

     3 days ago

    Rumiania oder ruz oder chin oder Deutschland oder? Czech

  • ragnar read

    ragnar read

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  • inox1ck


     6 days ago

    My country sure is great

  • Naseer saeed

    Naseer saeed

     6 days ago

    Nowadays living life means living hybrided. Every thing is artificial. Nothing is natural.



     6 days ago

    😔😔😔🐎🐎🐎😣😣😔😔Que pena dos cavalinhos partiu meu coração 🇧🇷🇧🇷😔😔😔😔🐎🐎🐎☝🏻☝🏻

  • M Zain Ul Abideen

    M Zain Ul Abideen

     6 days ago

    good life

  • Taizul Tapu

    Taizul Tapu

     6 days ago

    Better than a city life.

  • Ucok Silalahi

    Ucok Silalahi

     6 days ago

    Living in natural live is awesome live ..,. Thx for share to us. Later i Will back to my village in north Sumatera .,......

  • BBC Iepuri

    BBC Iepuri

     7 days ago

    Ghimes Faget (Gyimesbukk) Is a hungarinan community in romania!I live here!

  • Sukhdeep Singh

    Sukhdeep Singh

     7 days ago

    Village life anywhere is same ...innocent hardworking ppl with pure heart unlike big cities..dey live to the fullest unlike city life which is more of a modern day salavry......luv from india