Can this $200 Jaguar XJ8 Be Saved? Hooptie Rescue Mission

  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
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  • WickedDodgeBoys


     7 days ago

    Save the first gen ram

  • ohsotoxic


     14 days ago

    8:47 ricer car spotted lmao shit was slmmed

  • MarksKicksOnRoute66 Movin' Mark

    MarksKicksOnRoute66 Movin' Mark

     21 days ago

    Hoovie "Bucket" lmao "saloon"👏

  • pasoundman


     1 months ago

    Whoops, there was no XJ8 in the 1960s. In fact there wasn't an XJ8 until long after the XJ6 which came out in '68.

  • dlmhdlmh


     1 months ago

    You got a like from me for almost pronouncing Jaguar correctly.

  • The Siamese Rat

    The Siamese Rat

     1 months ago

    Anybody else notice the back wheel at 5:33??

  • My2CommonSense


     2 months ago

    They are nice looking cars, but they’re total junk.

  • FHA


     2 months ago

    What about the 420G

  • RAC


     2 months ago

    Man I like what you do with the cars...keep up the great vids!

  • Pro DELBOY

    Pro DELBOY

     2 months ago

    Voyager was turd and you know it

  • Ivano Cascone

    Ivano Cascone

     2 months ago

    If you still got it I'd say fix and sell it on I think you will get profit out of it (going by this video...)

  • russellnc


     2 months ago

    so what happened to the Jag?

  • nuclear Bulge

    nuclear Bulge

     3 months ago

    Lmk if I can buy parts for mine

  • Devin Petersen

    Devin Petersen

     3 months ago

    It sounded like it was being struck with lightning when cranking over.

  • lnfo History

    lnfo History

     3 months ago

    Has your friend borrowed some of your paintings in his Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag?

  • Norman Clature

    Norman Clature

     3 months ago

    Who cares about World of Warships.

  • joe colone

    joe colone

     3 months ago

    Save it’s and btw 2004 for the last year Words that body body

  • aaron abel

    aaron abel

     3 months ago

    Was this video bobs car?

  • Ted Striker

    Ted Striker

     4 months ago

    With it's mileage, body dings, mechanical issues, and interior, that thing needs to go to the salvage yard. Definitely not worth fixing! No decision there...What's amazing is it actually accumulated 252K miles. There is always the Chevy camaro drivetrain swap that used to be the only way to make those things reliable. But this one is beyond that. Junk it! now! Run to the junk yard! No one would want to buy it, not with the interior in such bad shape. And that's not the type of car that one would use to drive to work at the construction site. They don't care about the interior.

  • Viral Clips

    Viral Clips

     4 months ago

    So quiet inside