• Alex Bussiere

    Alex Bussiere

     an hour ago

    Being trans isn't easy. When you come out (as you've probably found out) lots of hate comes from it. People dont accept it, and with such a drastic change people tend to lash out, its not something to crave being. If i could be cisgender, holy fuck i would do anything to be that.

  • Alex Bussiere

    Alex Bussiere

     an hour ago

    "Im a transgender!" "I always related with transgenders!" I just wanna say, someone is trans. They are not A trans.

  • Summer Turner

    Summer Turner

     an hour ago

    Shane! Where u at?

  • Tec Gamer

    Tec Gamer

     an hour ago

    I think the reason you had so much backlash and hate is because a lot of the information you said was incorrect if you truly feel this way I think your gender fluid because in your last video you said that you think your male but you also a girl. You could be a demiboy if you actually feel like this.

  • Unicorn Dust13

    Unicorn Dust13

     an hour ago

    Im not hating like some people im just want to say i think your maybe idk confused cause im bisexual and i was confused at first so i thought it over and i realize im not confused so im saying i think you should think about it and if you are for sure thats you transgender then go for it no ones stopping you

  • Saturnian


     an hour ago +1

    TAKE 👏🏾 A 👏🏾 BREAK 👏🏾 FROM 👏🏾 SOCIAL 👏🏾 MEDIA 👏🏾

  • Ky Hodgin

    Ky Hodgin

     2 hours ago

    This is getting ridiculous:( I love you trish please stop it’s not trendy.

  • april 666

    april 666

     3 hours ago

    If you say you hate being a girl then say that, dont mix that shit up by saying you're trans. Bcs you're born a girl and still is one. You're not transgender, you might be in your head but you're not. You can't just say that, like no way. I'm sorry you feel this way about yourself but hey, we didn't choose to be a girl. Shit sucks, I know for a fact bcs I'm a girl 🙄 anybody is allowed to dress the opposite sex. No one can stop you from that. But changing your outfit from girl to boy isn't transgender. Get that in your head. You just really need a break from all of this. From all social media and focus on yourself, build back up your confidence and love yourself even more.

  • Angel Strange

    Angel Strange

     3 hours ago

    This is my opinion, you don’t have to agree with it, I think Trisha should try to find herself first, and before spreading it onto the internet. Trisha needs to know what she is first, and if you spread on the internet while you are still confused, you will get some hate on that.

  • Dominique Ravin

    Dominique Ravin

     3 hours ago

    you don't have to convince us of anything, keep speaking your truth.

  • Aedyn White

    Aedyn White

     5 hours ago

    T I commented on the original video but I’ll do it here too. I know it’s confusing and I’m sorry about the hate that your receiving, I fully support you and I wish other people would understand that every situation is specific to the person. It’s okay to be confused and I really hope that you find yourself and that other people start taking you as what you are. You deserve to feel happy just like everyone else and nobody should take that away from you. Nobody has the right to tell you what you are and are not.
    I absolutely support and love you and I will no matter what you conclude about yourself.

  • Makiah Cross

    Makiah Cross

     5 hours ago

    what did she expect😂

  • Am Soso

    Am Soso

     6 hours ago

    I think you thought everyone was going to praise you for this ...when I was younger I hung out with mostly boys. Played gameboys and was left out of groups of girls because I ventured more towards ‘guy things’ and didn’t like wearing ‘girly clothes’ i wouldn’t call it transgender...it’s disrespectful to those who struggle on the daily and are coming to terms with their transitioning and the journey they go on with family and friends also. To put it down to clothes and make up is a bit much

  • MJ_ Might_be_fine

    MJ_ Might_be_fine

     7 hours ago

    She’s not a man. She’s a pussy.

  • rainbow nerds

    rainbow nerds

     7 hours ago

    what a fucking retard

  • Krystyna Lopez

    Krystyna Lopez

     8 hours ago

    So... She said she was transgender and she always hated Barbie's and dresses... Yet she said she was a gay drag queen bc she loves the GLAM... Sounds like she just contradicted herself.

  • Lullaby_Moonchild


     9 hours ago

    She’s very lost in general and within herself as a person.
    I think she needs a lot of time off the internet and take a break to find and fix herself..

  • Brooke


     9 hours ago

    literally nobody said that you arent trans because you "look like a girl" we said you arent trans because what you described in your original video was not being trans.. it was being a fetishistic asshat. Thats why we're pissed. Now you've gone and done a little research and are changing your story. If you had actually always felt like a man and always felt dysphoric you would have said that in your original video as the reasons you feel trans rather than "I dont like makeup" and "I want male privilege" Sit down.

  • anna kate black

    anna kate black

     10 hours ago +1

    hey trish. i love you no matter what but right now i think you’re really lost and confused. not everyone needs a label and everyone’s gender issues are valid, but i really think you should maybe see a new therapist or find someone else to talk to. the reason you are getting so much hate is because your whole brand is pink and girly

  • fan_number 1

    fan_number 1

     10 hours ago

    i like how shee poot her laungerie on the tv like brooo be clean and than cry