Gayle King talks about her explosive R. Kelly interview on CBSN

  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
  • In his first interview since he was jailed last month, R. Kelly says the charges of aggravated criminal sexual abuse are all lies. "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King joined CBSN to talk about her exclusive interview.

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  • Ida Walker

    Ida Walker

     3 months ago

    Gail king but you think Charlie Ross is not guilty. Because he is your friend and you said that you don't want to throw him under the bus.

  • Josephine Freeman

    Josephine Freeman

     8 months ago

    This world is full of evil evil people the fire have already started on Earth

  • Marcus Henderson

    Marcus Henderson

     9 months ago +1

    'How much money do you have, R Kelly?' 'Use your common since'! Lmao

  • Kathleen Smith

    Kathleen Smith

     10 months ago

    Y'all lying in me

  • john miller

    john miller

     10 months ago

    Look,he may have made a mistake in the past,but as soon as these hoes saw an opportunity to get money from ,they attacked. Not every woman accusing him is telling the truth. Same with Cosby. MOST IF THESE HIGH PROFILE RAPPERS INDULGE IN ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES AND THD RICH USE THAT AS LEVARAGE TO HAVE CONTROL OVER OND ANOTHER,TO EXTORT MONEY. Same with polititians. These peopld are sick.

  • LA SHONA Gerdine

    LA SHONA Gerdine

     10 months ago

  • Koko ISIS

    Koko ISIS

     10 months ago

    Heres SNL :

  • Koko ISIS

    Koko ISIS

     10 months ago

    We naturally tallk loud

  • 66voldemort


     10 months ago

    “Well he ain’t that tall. He ain’t that tall.” Gayle don’t scare easy.

  • Gen4ten


     10 months ago

    She really shouldn't wear such a form fitting dress

  • Rosie W

    Rosie W

     10 months ago

    Any man who wants to have a relationship with his children should be allowed to.

  • Rushdien Petterson

    Rushdien Petterson

     10 months ago

    GAYLE: "Robert did you do it" ??
    R. KELLY: "Absolutely"............................."NOT" 😂

  • KoolHandDuke


     10 months ago

    Codos to Gail King, when everyone was asking her "were you afraid he was gonna hurt you?" She could have sensationalized it more by saying "yes". But she didn't do that.

  • Alliance


     10 months ago

    CBSN is a joke.

  • Dave The Extraordinaire

    Dave The Extraordinaire

     10 months ago

    I’m confused about this universe, does news channels have even a right to be bialy legal since we now have the internet :ppp

  • nevaeh hardin

    nevaeh hardin

     10 months ago

    My question is why did the reporter say oh my God he believes in his own lies when they went to go interview him and he was talking about his side of the story and never posted his side or what he said

  • Basha R

    Basha R

     10 months ago

    Clinton said the same thing. "I did not have sex with that woman." He's only sorry he got caught otherwise he would have stopped. Just like Clinton, he's s liar.

  • Eagle Eye

    Eagle Eye

     10 months ago

    With all his fame and talent at the peak of his career he can get almost any woman , instead he has a fetish for young girls . Thats not a healthy pattern.

  • anthony cheesman

    anthony cheesman

     10 months ago

    I wish they would just post the whole interview lol

  • fnovax


     10 months ago

    Another group of super privileged racist Democrats trying to bring down and demonizing successful black guy