10 Mini Games That'll Cure Your Boredom!

  • Published on:  Friday, August 9, 2019
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    In the words of Cardi B, "WHAT'S PAPPN' EVERYBODY!" Your response, "Not much considering this is my LAST weekend of summer vacation!!" Now, although I might not be able to fix that, what can fix is your boredom and it just so happens that that's EXACTLY what we're doing in today's video! I hope we can add some excited into your weekend before heading back to school. Let us know if you've played any of these games before or, which game you think you would be able to beat anyone of us in! I bet you can't sucka!

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  • mighty destroyer

    mighty destroyer

     5 hours ago

    " next product". " guys thank you for watching."

  • Beautiful dancer 003

    Beautiful dancer 003

     6 hours ago

    Michal: ima move over here
    Mat and Tanner: YO THIS IS SO FUN😆
    Michal: .........
    Michaels brain: why am i still here, just to suffer

  • Jasmine Blake

    Jasmine Blake

     13 hours ago

    Salt graner

  • Birchie


     16 hours ago +1

    You guys kept saying "PlingPlong", when it CLEARLY says "PlingPong", that annoyed me 😂

  • Banjo The Ferret

    Banjo The Ferret


    Tanner: NEXT PRODUCT





    Steven bessey is pog champ

  • General X Matter

    General X Matter


    Matthias: who dare challenge me in Cornhole
    Entire YUGIOH: it's time for dudududududu 2000 years later duel

  • Tyffanee Lavely

    Tyffanee Lavely


    Steven Bessey would look dope with a monocle.

  • Tom Tucker

    Tom Tucker

     2 days ago

    So Durning a tether ball game I had the ball rap around my neck and because I was so small I got choked by it raped around my neck and the pole

  • R1ot Kiwis

    R1ot Kiwis

     2 days ago

    Tanner 2019

  • The Entertainer

    The Entertainer

     4 days ago

    I ship this corn ball game

  • Derek King

    Derek King

     4 days ago +1

    4:07 aaaaaah

  • Joe King

    Joe King

     5 days ago

    that face at 23:04

  • I Honestly Don’t know

    I Honestly Don’t know

     6 days ago


  • Exotic Panda

    Exotic Panda

     6 days ago

    Tanner your a goof bro 😭🤣😭🤣😭 11:25

  • Rudy Hernandez

    Rudy Hernandez

     6 days ago

    pls mention mme on next videeo

  • Molly Culpepper

    Molly Culpepper

     7 days ago

    it sounded like a door opening and i love you guys so much and i liked and subscibed pls give me a shout out pls

  • Gacha Secrets xox

    Gacha Secrets xox

     7 days ago

    Is no one gonna talk about tanners moment 😹 23.00-23.05

  • Asphyxia


     7 days ago


  • Maylene Evangelista

    Maylene Evangelista

     7 days ago