Animal Rights Extremists: Terrorism vs. Protest

  • Published on:  Saturday, February 9, 2019
  • Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) is an animal liberation group that is notorious for its large-scale actions which sometimes involve illegal tactics such as civil disobedience and trespassing.

    DxE sees their actions as essential to forwarding their cause of exposing injustices in the Animal Agriculture System. However, some of DxE’s opponents, especially those who have been directly targeted by DxE, have labeled them as actual terrorists after their aggressive occupations and protests.

    VICE documents as DxE embark on their largest actions to date: occupying an egg farm in Petaluma, CA and removing chickens from the property. VICE also speaks with the co-owner of the egg farm who claims that DxE’s actions are not only illegal, but detrimental to the possibility of a constructive dialogue between Animal Rights Activists and members of the Animal Agriculture Industry.

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  • Brobigc2h4l hampton

    Brobigc2h4l hampton

     an hour ago

    All I hear is "I don't eat meat and I have a vagina" this peace of shit is in need of a real life and you guys need to understand that it is what it is and it's the evolution of life we are at the top of the food chain

  • Brobigc2h4l hampton

    Brobigc2h4l hampton

     an hour ago

    I need my hot wings pussy ass motherfuckers I'd stop you with a gun

  • Brobigc2h4l hampton

    Brobigc2h4l hampton

     an hour ago

    If my burger bacon wrapped cheeseburgers don't die you do fucken bitches

  • Josh Davis

    Josh Davis

     5 hours ago

    We have the legal "opinion"...

  • Calvin Ure-Jones

    Calvin Ure-Jones

     7 hours ago

    what legends

  • Andy Nguyen

    Andy Nguyen

     8 hours ago

    Hey Wayne, in China they harvest peoples organs and sell them (look up Falun Gong practitioners). They put Uyghurs people ( minority Muslim) to education camps and want the world to silent about this. Do you have anything to say to the Chinese government?

  • Yadana Oo

    Yadana Oo

     8 hours ago

    Actually people went in the farm house, make the chicken more stressful. Chickens are genetically modified so they have stay with the right temp, humidity. Food and water could not be given ad libidum. They are actually breaching the animal welfare rather than saving animals

  • Gregory Ashton

    Gregory Ashton

     12 hours ago

    In fairness to the farmers, nearly all of those chickens were in good health

  • Peter Brown

    Peter Brown

     13 hours ago

    If anyone would trespass my farm I shoot them right on the spot I have the right to protect my property.

  • Death Metal

    Death Metal

     14 hours ago

    It's really sad seeing people acting such a way in comment section. Everyone feel pain and your not the only one having feelings . You guys take everything for granted . At least show some Concern about Animal health and living conditions . Don't forget that Karma Never forgives anyone .

  • The Littel President

    The Littel President

     17 hours ago

    if does dumb ass would come on to my farm i would shoot every one of thoose fuckers

  • Romi123


     19 hours ago

    I feel bad for this farmer, he asked the vegans nice and calm not to go in to his farm.

  • Riptide85


     22 hours ago +1

    Umm I’d say 12 gauge with dragon fire rounds would be best to deal with these pieces of human garbage (the protesters btw)

  • Give me 100,000 subscribers, I want a check mark

    Give me 100,000 subscribers, I want a check mark

     23 hours ago


  • Dan Glz

    Dan Glz


    I want bacon eggs and cheese

  • Dank La Douge

    Dank La Douge


    I can’t tell, but is vice biased in this video? I know they typically are, but I think it seemed more conservative than liberal.

  • Lexiwolf



    take a flamethrower to all the terrorist

  • Brigid Fian

    Brigid Fian


    That's not a natural death. Liar

  • quiirk mc

    quiirk mc


    dxe: goes to farm in texas

    texas farmer: 300 killstreak




    Hard line vegans are HYPOCRITES. Were do they think cameras come from metal boots cloths. Animals die so you can have these thing. Bunch of looney HYPOCRITES