• Published on:  Wednesday, February 27, 2019
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    Sorry for the delay on this video.
    I haven’t really had the time to sit and film a whole “Watering my Tarantulas” video ever since work started. I usually just replenish their water dishes quickly. Filming takes probably an extra hour or two. I promise I’ll do another one in the near future, if requested. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this one - I think it’s the longest one, yet @ 19 mins :D

    Note that tarantulas have very sensitive hairs, which gives them the ability to detect even the slightest vibrations. This allows them to sense and ambush their prey effectively.. and is also why they react as in this video when their water dishes are being taken out ~ Tarantulas are pretty much blind and when they sense huge vibrations, they think it’s a potential predator, causing them to react in a defensive way.

    ** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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  • Eve Masterson

    Eve Masterson

     15 minutes ago +1


  • T K

    T K

     21 minutes ago

    Exotic liar: would you care for a super worm

    T: heck yeah ( it attacks the tongs and every thing but the super worm

  • Alejandro Palma Ponce

    Alejandro Palma Ponce

     3 hours ago

    When exotic lair say "👌👍👈☝️👆👉🤟👍🤜🤚🖖" i really felt that 😔

  • *Daily browniess*

    *Daily browniess*

     4 hours ago

    If you bring ur Tarantula(the one in 4:05)to a restaurant she will act like a naughty child and throw Tantrums #noticable

  • Arely Cardenas

    Arely Cardenas

     4 hours ago

    #im proud of myself

  • Beatrice Ocena

    Beatrice Ocena

     6 hours ago +1

    This is kind of funny but it is spiders

  • Janet Fuller

    Janet Fuller

     10 hours ago

    I love you video's. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Lizard Gamer

    Lizard Gamer

     12 hours ago

    I loved that Arizona tarantula it was so pretty

  • Aspectplayz


     14 hours ago

    "Death nugget"
    Me: im out

  • Lightningfun 64

    Lightningfun 64

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  • Ladie Loka

    Ladie Loka

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    Pink Rose

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  • sir snoozel

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  • cloudii ツ

    cloudii ツ

     22 hours ago

    I think they attack because they feel threatened

  • Akari Gacha

    Akari Gacha

     23 hours ago +1


  • okybo Yash Ios

    okybo Yash Ios

     yesterday +1


  • sleepieboi



    who else has arachnophobia but watches this anyway?

  • Karina Montes

    Karina Montes


    The amount of anxiety I get alone from him sticking his hand close to the spiders

  • Nafhah Amrul

    Nafhah Amrul


    That othere one give me a heart attak

  • Olivia Cross-Luster

    Olivia Cross-Luster

     yesterday +1