• Published on:  Wednesday, February 27, 2019
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    Sorry for the delay on this video.
    I haven’t really had the time to sit and film a whole “Watering my Tarantulas” video ever since work started. I usually just replenish their water dishes quickly. Filming takes probably an extra hour or two. I promise I’ll do another one in the near future, if requested. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this one - I think it’s the longest one, yet @ 19 mins :D

    Note that tarantulas have very sensitive hairs, which gives them the ability to detect even the slightest vibrations. This allows them to sense and ambush their prey effectively.. and is also why they react as in this video when their water dishes are being taken out ~ Tarantulas are pretty much blind and when they sense huge vibrations, they think it’s a potential predator, causing them to react in a defensive way.

    ** This video was made purely for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/WFzCxs-0ZnM


  • ѕнιиιgαмι


     4 hours ago

    You over exaggerate with adding water.

  • Tim Johnson

    Tim Johnson

     6 hours ago

    At 13:28 the tarantula looked super skinny not “plump”

  • Diana Voith

    Diana Voith

     7 hours ago

    #I'm proud of myself

  • kitty_ PlayzYT

    kitty_ PlayzYT

     7 hours ago

    How do you remember all there scientific names?

  • Planet Tuscan

    Planet Tuscan

     9 hours ago


  • Dave W

    Dave W

     10 hours ago


  • TšμH Takahashi

    TšμH Takahashi

     12 hours ago

    Me:Afraid of spiders
    Also me : Looks at the spider mouth HOLY SHIT
    And this is how every country heard my screams

  • Karyi Da SPLAT

    Karyi Da SPLAT

     15 hours ago

    Loorrdd have mercy!
    Spider: NOPE

  • Cryxtal K ROBLOX

    Cryxtal K ROBLOX

     16 hours ago

    Me - Terrified of spiders
    YouTube - Wanna watch a guy giving his spiders water?
    Me - Yeah sure!

  • Mark Zsakai

    Mark Zsakai

     16 hours ago

    This is an asmr sht or what? :D
    btw cute things

  • Adrian Nikora

    Adrian Nikora

     16 hours ago

    Actually so entertaining💯💯💯 I love how he talks to them 😂😂 so fucking funny man

  • Lidia Boron

    Lidia Boron

     18 hours ago

    I hate Big spiders but they are so funny when they scar him

  • Gacha Elz

    Gacha Elz

     21 hours ago

    How many tarantuals do you have?




    That spider said some: MOVE OUT MY WAY, TF..?

  • xXMy MemoryXx

    xXMy MemoryXx


    It's clean so I'm just gonna
    Pores water
    What is that?!?
    It's dirty

  • Itsumii • Pastelle

    Itsumii • Pastelle



  • Neverender



    16:53 "fuck outta 'ere!"

  • CCBear


     yesterday +1

    I love how he is so calm, if that would be I would move to japan in a heart beat, literally.

  • The GreenGhost Team

    The GreenGhost Team


    Death nugget? That sounds like my cat 🐈

  • The GreenGhost Team

    The GreenGhost Team


    I mean worm