The HUGE Issues With The Digital Ad Space, Corporations, Closures, & Understanding Diversification

  • Published on:  Thursday, March 7, 2019
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  • Jean-Luc Martel

    Jean-Luc Martel

     1 months ago

    dude, SLOOOOW DOWN take a deep breath and talk so that a normal human being can actually make out every 3rd word.

  • Samantha Berkemeier

    Samantha Berkemeier

     7 months ago

    I just learned so much about how people make money on YouTube.

  • tty23


     7 months ago

    Mike looks very familiar... was he on the Tasted/Food Feeder channel?

  • Dickie Oi

    Dickie Oi

     9 months ago

    Lil Sammy Bashor! #OnlyStupidAnswers

  • Isori


     10 months ago +1

    I think it is interesting to note how, even though there is a "corporatization" of the digital space, they all took very long to splash in the digital market, maybe because of their size and surreal ambitions. I suppose it was inevitable that the market would transform, but I also think that unless they unite to stifle every form of advancement or evolution, traditional media corporations will crack on their seams during their transition to the internet age. I assume most of them are rethinking the way they operate, but I wonder if they can do it fast enough to cope.

    Also, I am a part of the public that feel tempted to vilify corporations for everything, but I must say, in most cases it is not only amorality or lack of empathy, but incompetence and lack of foresight in the realizations that everything they do has the potential to break things (and themselves) every time they move just due to their size. The corporate structure is too easy to be corrupted and promote pretenders instead of leaders.

    Fyre, Theranos, if you go back for a bit, there is Enron. The Housing bubble. The University scandal. The incompetence of the Brexit efforts. All of them are symptomatic of a system that promotes cardboard cut-outs rather than substance. If there is a flaw in capitalism it is the assumption that efficiency means effectiveness and that the things that are done are right by nature.

  • Bert Verboven

    Bert Verboven

     10 months ago

    that guys voice makes me want to kms



     10 months ago +1

    Being a creator, ourselves, what you said about the need for creators to (re)define success is critical. More so, I think the space will fluctuate, to where corporate interests will try to play the game the same way they do in more narrow markets and they find out that their expectations are entirely unreasonable: to the point where they have to absolve themselves of certain ventures, completely, wreaking havoc along the way.
    It's hard out there for a pimp...

  • Taylor Kelly

    Taylor Kelly

     10 months ago

    I'm a really big fan of merch. Subscribing is cool, and it's nice to be able to give to people that I want to continue to make content that I can enjoy. But I think that consumers react much better to something tangible that they can hold in their hands after spending money.

    Taking the time to put something together that can show your supporters that you appreciate them, while still encouraging them to support you seems like the best version of a symbiotic relationship with your community.

  • Mundane Pixels

    Mundane Pixels

     10 months ago

    They also lay people off just to reach the next goal (or in the case of the game industry fill executive pockets even more)

  • John von Shepard

    John von Shepard

     10 months ago

    "Learn to code"

  • Victor Leal

    Victor Leal

     10 months ago

    Since I watch a LOT of Youtube creators, I make a point of watvhing the Youtube ads as much as possible. I can only afford a subscription for one of them.

  • Indigo Black

    Indigo Black

     10 months ago

    Big corporations are gonna have to go through a lot of growing pains.

    They need to fully realize that the old format for advertising and building a business doesn't work the same in an online space. They need to try and adapt to this new format and change how they approach their business. Big corporations aren't gonna get anywhere long-term if they just try to force their old system to work in a vastly different environment like the online world.

    Also, big companies need to realize that building a long-term, stable online business is not as easy as it looks. Anyone has the potential to be a viral hit. However, it takes a lot of patience, hard work, and long-term development to cultivate a community that trusts you and wants to stick with you for a long time. Trying to build an online presence/business isn't a numbers game; it's a community builder game.

  • chappy0061


     10 months ago

    The problem with the rabidly leftist organisations mentioned in this video is their short sighted politically charged content. Like was mentioned in the video, you cannot buy trust, and Buzzfeed/Vice burned through a pile of audience trust with their frequently dishonest and politically slanted articles.
    The market is yearning for unbiased, factual news sources, and the company that manages to achieve this goal will be rewarded heavily.

  • FeedbackGuy1


     10 months ago

    Philip DeFranco, I totally would condone using Patrion over GoFundMe, mirly becuase it supports makers and creator I like. It saves a lot of businesses like Fran Blanch's Fran Lab and other business like them.

  • joemel2


     10 months ago

    talking of intergated ads and controversies. whatever happened with better help in the end?

  • Slurp


     10 months ago

    I just got a notification about this

  • Nulono


     10 months ago

    12:46 *who's

  • Megan Davis

    Megan Davis

     10 months ago +2

    Aaaand it finally shows me that this video exists... Days after being posted. Great job YouTube

  • TransparentLabyrinth


     10 months ago

    Fascinating point about trust. I hadn't really thought about it that way, but it helps explain why it's so difficult for newer creators to succeed in the digital space. It's not just the competition; it's the trust-building of the brand and going viral on a regular basis doesn't necessarily build that trust in the long-term.

    I do think it begs the question: "How do you build trust?" Most people don't have ten years of finances to sit around building trust with an audience. Whether independent or a startup, there are bills to pay. And it seems many of the creators who succeeded in such a long-term capacity on this platform were successful because they were able to do something else on the side for money for a while and do this as a hobby on the side (and competition wasn't as fierce, nor the algorithm so cruel about how long it takes to produce new content, so there was a lot more room to take your time with things).

    Now you have all these new people coming in who are looking at the prospect of either trying to do something like youtube as a full-time job from day one, or only doing it as a hobby and never trying to make it into a business. Cause there isn't a lot of room for middle ground.

  • Brian Bassard

    Brian Bassard

     10 months ago

    You always mention fans letting you know they weren't notified or they couldn't find certain videos when you post and never had that happen to me until now. I have multiple different accounts between my businesses, personal, and my shared account with my wife and not on any of the accounts was I notified or presented this video as a recommendation. Convenient with this videos topic.