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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 11, 2010
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  • Thomas Hutchinson

    Thomas Hutchinson



  • MoJo


     2 days ago

    Does Mr. Hancock have a german accent? He sounds like a german guy speaking english... At least it is my impression.



     2 days ago

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  • Oisin Lally

    Oisin Lally

     3 days ago

    The origins are intensionally ambiguous! With good reason! Not to be worked out but accepted. Non of us have doubt! We just be! Chips fall as they fall... One foot in front of the other and be loyal to something!

  • Sparkle Plenty

    Sparkle Plenty

     3 days ago

    but why would Thoth refer to “God”? Egyptians had many gods.

  • John Curtis

    John Curtis

     3 days ago

    There were no gods. There never has been any gods, though don't construe from this that I do not believe in a higher, creative (and destructive) Force. I do. I just don't believe in gods as defined by Man. Graham Hancock's continual depiction of past events and the people thereof as "gods" does us a tremendous disservice. He should call them what they were, human beings.

    Humanity always tends to deify that which we do not understand. Look around this planet, as Graham Hancock has done. Look around at the bare-bones remains of megalithic structures sprinkled all over the place. The commonality in their structure is direct evidence that there once existed a civilization that was global in its nature, though perhaps not as large in numbers as we are today. The point here is they were human, and they were (from the remains) clearly very far advanced in at least some aspects of technology and all the concomitant aspects, the arts, the sciences, the philosophies, that this implies..

    But in numbers related to those of the whole species they were small albeit stunningly ahead of most of the rest. Would they not have appeared as gods to all the other primitives? Would our ancestors not have bowed down in worship in the face of their power? At least for a time? But let's be clear in this; they were human. They were us, as we are them today.

    But here's the thing. They are no longer here. I suspect at least part of the reason is they suffered all the foibles of humanity. Love, hate, greed, avarice, war and conflict existed for them just as they do for us today. They fell; and if all the surviving myths have any basis in truth they fell due to hubris and some form of ignorance, inability and stupidity.

    Regardless, they fell into historical oblivion. Yet though they are gone remnants remain. Pieces sufficient to increase our understanding and, maybe, our wisdom. Hopefully if we open our eyes as Graham is cajoling us to do we will come to understand our history sufficiently to insure that we don't again become a victim of it. It's our time; it is up to us. Let's move forward and outward into the solar system shall we? We have a Universe to explore; this is our destiny so let's do it.

    American Net'Zen

  • Ken K

    Ken K

     4 days ago

    As a boy I read the sphinx lost its nose to a US tank the crew blasted it for a good time- anyone else hear this?

  • Ken K

    Ken K

     4 days ago

    Hancock is tremendous a an extraordinary scholar & a bothersome disruption to the existing archeological dynasty who’s pushing the same crappola for 75 years.

  • Feniks


     5 days ago

    Sir Graham Hancock , A Ray Bian Gulf never existed, there was and there is forever Persian Gulf.

  • Max Banner

    Max Banner

     5 days ago

    evidence on facts. not woo woo. what no giants! history redacted.

  • Ratkill


     5 days ago

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  • Thomas Huth

    Thomas Huth

     5 days ago

    He plays cards. Spirituality is one of them. „Reincarnation“. Climate change. And other cards. The followers appreciate that.

  • Annie Bee

    Annie Bee

     6 days ago

    Site found in Ukraine, 22,000 yrs old ...

  • too many walls

    too many walls

     7 days ago

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  • too many walls

    too many walls

     7 days ago

    If you masterbate throughout the Graham han(d)COCK lectures, they become a lot more insightful.

  • Louis Borje

    Louis Borje

     7 days ago

    It's an Anode/Cathode - not a metal handle (inside the pyramid shaft).

  • Paul Si

    Paul Si

     7 days ago

    Than goodness for Graham HandCOCK, otherwise my anus flare-ups may have never been quelled!

  • Pero Pero

    Pero Pero

     7 days ago

    I am Infinate

  • Isaac Price

    Isaac Price

     7 days ago

    I love your work, Mr Hancock, however, I have a question for you. Eric Von Daniken never responded to, I have been following you since season 1 of Ancient Aliens, and you seem like your educated. The book of Job was supposedly written in around 63BC, you know in this book it mentions the Pleides star system. Tell how when it wasn't until Galileo (I believe) in 1444 "discovered" the star system. No one will answer or even attempt to answer this. I have been researching for 6 years and found nothing but the same stories just different characters and locations.

  • Jay H

    Jay H

     7 days ago

    Checkout hangman1128 channel 👀 shocker