Taking Apart the Auction Corvette's BLOWN Engine! The Carnage is AMAZING!

  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 1, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/XP9mrRr5cNE


  • Yesa K

    Yesa K

     3 days ago


  • Marc Graham

    Marc Graham

     7 days ago

    Yard sale

  • Willi Wanka

    Willi Wanka

     14 days ago

    You gys sound like you are hapopy about the loss ??

  • museack


     14 days ago

    Hey Youtube. Why not just turn the whole goddam video into a fucking commercial then everyone's happy. You'll be happy because you can suck all the money out of your advertisers that you can and WE will be happy because you will have put yourself out of business.

  • MrTo YouBoy

    MrTo YouBoy

     14 days ago

    I swear to Christ this Cleetus guys face looks just like my dogs ass when its trying to push out a dry shit , all twisted up and puckered

  • randy jones

    randy jones

     14 days ago

    Too much turbo
    .motor not capable of 6k rpm work...small timing chain and weak rods and pistons..it will blow a lot...

  • nyt tag

    nyt tag

     14 days ago

    Well done boyz

  • Elmonte Slim

    Elmonte Slim

     14 days ago

    Really...you didn't see that one coming. I had my fingers in my ears waiting for the bang. Big howdy from Australia.

  • NOLL72


     14 days ago

    How to make a boat anchor= Don't pay attention to specs when building an engine.

  • john child

    john child

     14 days ago

    job sheet should read remove oil fill cap and replace underneath check filler cap gasket reassemble and test

  • Paulous


     14 days ago

    My 95’s LT1 shed a tear watching this video.

  • Jim Sumrall

    Jim Sumrall

     14 days ago

    Looks like a chamber pressure issue.

  • james83925


     14 days ago +1

    A Ring Will Always Getch You; now there's the title for a country song, and the moral of build gone bad.

  • Robert Bradley

    Robert Bradley

     14 days ago

    Uhhhh I could here the engine detonating here in Ottawa.

  • Phil Ancell

    Phil Ancell

     21 days ago

    Awesome video guyz!!!

  • Milo Janis

    Milo Janis

     21 days ago

    Great video. If it was my engine that blew, I dont think I'd be laughing so hard at all the thousands of dollars it'll take to do another motor!!! Also, not too clear on how you got the motor off the torque tube. If I remember correctly, you can just loosen 1 pinch bolt that pinches the outside of the spline I.D. to the input spline of the torque tube. Maybe not, it's been awhile.....

  • t18amgr


     21 days ago +2

    No pistons no coolant. No bearings no oil.

  • Say What

    Say What

     21 days ago

    The hhhorror....the hhhorror.....

  • Ed


     21 days ago

    Yep. Now you have a huge pile of oily cast aluminium scrap. How many times will these turbo kids blow up a motor, before they consider using forged parts, and large oil pans? It never ceases to amaze me, when I see some wore out stock motor, with a bunch of fancy welded plumbing, and some God awful turbocharger sticking out the hood. LMAO. Its as if blowing the motor is the point. In that case it makes sense I suppoze. But why not crack that block open, and I mean by unbolting parts, then build the motor before you throw some ba ba ba boost on it?. At least bolt a decent sized oil pan and fuel delivery so it don't run dry or lean. LOL. Anyway, if blowing a Corvette LS was the goal, then good show....I guess. Might I suggest to go find a junk yard HVAC truck steel block LS, to do that with next time. Then bolt it in that Miata and blow the bottom out of that for fun, instead.

  • David Edwards

    David Edwards

     21 days ago +1

    You dudes are crazy. More money than sense 🤣