Brave Hen's Mother Protect and Save Her Baby Chickens From Eagle

  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 27, 2019
  • Brave Hen's Mother Protect and Save Her Baby Chickens From Eagle

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  • Lars Hansen

    Lars Hansen

     3 months ago

    The birds have their beak open and the wings partially open because it's necessary for them to get cooler.
    Remember that birds can't sweat.

  • BlueBoiid


     3 months ago

    1:43 When you thought romance was happening instead of BLOODY ACTION

  • Minecraft Builders Dream

    Minecraft Builders Dream

     3 months ago

    Well first that’s fake when a chicken sees a predator it’s going to take itself and it’s baby’s to a safe place like their coop or at the very least make the noise that sends the chickens under her I’ve seen my broody hen freak out and tell her chicks to run when a robin flew overhead and she wasn’t completely sure if it was a threat and robins have flown over her without chicks and she doesn’t care but a mother isn’t taking any risks that poor bird just wanted away from the deadly chicken mom they’re just tossing it and the video of the hen and chicks walking around is without the hawk around and it’s cruel torcher to put the hawk through getting attacked by the chicken and the poor hen is probably terrified and same with the chicks and what if the hawk had decided to actually fight back but fake or not it’s is amazing the hen risked her life for her chicks

  • am Your dad

    am Your dad

     3 months ago

    So cute babies of hen

  • Md Anash

    Md Anash

     3 months ago

    Balmuri de mein WhatsApp photo photo

  • Josh McDonald

    Josh McDonald

     3 months ago +5

    That Eagle had no idea what had hit him once he landed near the chicks. That Hen is definitely a real mother!



     3 months ago +1


  • severino rosario

    severino rosario

     3 months ago

    Why the eagle head looks like a Hat for that also Mom protect you but chickens care and somtimes protect also they cant hear their chicks

  • rockrageproductions


     3 months ago

    Close your mouth

  • Ura Uchiha

    Ura Uchiha

     3 months ago

    EAGLE: :V

  • Edwin Laing

    Edwin Laing

     3 months ago +4

    This is so staged that hawk cant even fly look at the wing feathers have been plucked.. they are hand tossing the hawk on top of the hen and chicks hawk has no interest but to get away

  • Nastasha Evangelista

    Nastasha Evangelista

     3 months ago

    I hate when everybody says chicken is stupid,,, they are more lovely than human,,,

  • Hector Hector

    Hector Hector

     3 months ago +2

    But I Love Chickens Eddy

  • Peter Sampson

    Peter Sampson

     3 months ago

    God bless the chicken.

  • Madona Donadio

    Madona Donadio

     4 months ago

    I enjoyed this. 😄

  • rrpdsks


     4 months ago

    For those of you wondering. There are several Hawaiian people in the comments stating that there are wild chickens in Hawaii. It's common on many tropical islands. This is more than likely a beach somewhere and not a desert. That's why you see the lush foliage behind the eagle and then the sand.

  • Robby Liem

    Robby Liem

     4 months ago

    That chicken is beating up rodans but

  • satria aji Anggara

    satria aji Anggara

     4 months ago

    Look like java eagle

  • Gbuster


     4 months ago

    Nice video 👍
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  • Duy Nguyen

    Duy Nguyen

     4 months ago

    Ad đang trên đỉnh cao của sự nghiệp