ASMR | Make This Noise | Recreating Sounds with my Mouth Challenge

  • Published on:  Monday, November 18, 2019
  • THIS IS THE DUMBEST ASMR VIDEO IN EXISTENCE LAMDFAJFKDL;JFAKL but actually I really want to hear y'all try it?? My cousin sent me a tik tok and we were dying over it: ( sending link in next email to insert here ) and then I showed it to my friend OHNIPS ( and she was like "gurl do this in an ASMR video" and I'm like "no" and then I was like "ok" and here we are.

    DID I DO OK????? I feel like some of them were 0/10 but then some of them weren't too bad?????? LMAOOO THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING GOD

    Tiktok that inspired this:

    Try to sleep to this I dare you

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