10 Absurd Products Used Only By The Laziest People!

  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 26, 2018
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    Today on DOPE or NOPE we're unboxing 10 products only the laziest people would use! These gadgets claim to make life SO much easier... but we probably wouldn't recommend using them, because of how ridiculous they look. Comment down below which product was your favorite, and subscribe to see more videos in the future!

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  • Kat Mik .N

    Kat Mik .N

     18 hours ago

    onesie :)

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    Marie Hughes

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  • Noah Acor

    Noah Acor

     2 days ago

    busting out the M.J moonwalk at 21:17-21:19

  • Spencer Reid

    Spencer Reid

     3 days ago


  • Patrick Oliva

    Patrick Oliva

     3 days ago

    150 snickers bars in the sute case

  • Garland Pierce

    Garland Pierce

     3 days ago

    4:55 thro 5:20 I'm laughing so hard but I feel bad for him

  • Dark Goku black Angel

    Dark Goku black Angel

     3 days ago

    Chackera is the energy in a ninja

  • Dark Goku black Angel

    Dark Goku black Angel

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  • LaL’s world A

    LaL’s world A

     4 days ago

    What you said LaLa

  • Jeremy Hopkinson

    Jeremy Hopkinson

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  • That german guy Germany

    That german guy Germany

     4 days ago

    Ha losers I am already fat

  • The bucket bros

    The bucket bros

     4 days ago


    Like if it was funny

  • Erin Hoyt

    Erin Hoyt

     4 days ago

    i was wearing a onesi when i was watching this

  • Nargis Isaac

    Nargis Isaac

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  • Trey Baire

    Trey Baire

     5 days ago

    I say that 200 is in their

  • francisco Howell

    francisco Howell

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  • Crystal Allen

    Crystal Allen

     6 days ago

    Michael does the Michael Jackson dance 0:03



     6 days ago

    I want some snickers too

  • Alexia Scates

    Alexia Scates

     6 days ago

    Matt’s laugh at 9:23 thoooo

  • Brock Vlogs

    Brock Vlogs

     6 days ago

    I would use burger one in thumbnail because my hands get messy and I hate it