Irish People Try American Gas Station Chips

  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 22, 2019
  • Irish People try some gas station chips of the (shock!) American variety! MERCH MADNESS:
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    America is a large country, and as a result has a fierce amount of roads. What can be found on many of these roads are Gas Sations (or Petrol Stations, as we'd call them) We decided to see what our resident Irish People thought of some popular Gas Station chips - how did they get on?

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  • thenxn619


     5 days ago

    Props to the Balor Club Worldwide t-shirt. Supporting former WWE Universal Champion, Finn Balor.

  • Delia Sewell

    Delia Sewell

     6 days ago

    Habanero are hotter than jalapeño.

  • Rathana Chhoeung

    Rathana Chhoeung

     7 days ago

    Is speedy choice a gas station? I’m from America and I never seen any of these chips, well the brand

  • Morgan Scott

    Morgan Scott

     7 days ago

    I want some Irish porridge now, just so I can call it oatmeal

  • Jeff Gates

    Jeff Gates

     14 days ago

    Luce in America, never heard of that brand. Maybe it's an east coast thing. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Charles Charles

    Charles Charles

     14 days ago


  • Bill digs the dirt metal detecting

    Bill digs the dirt metal detecting

     28 days ago

    That's beer food!

  • Wonderwall Wonderwall

    Wonderwall Wonderwall

     28 days ago

    They didn’t know what a habanero was
    wait until they try a desert scorpion pepper

  • john stewart

    john stewart

     1 months ago

    speedway has new flavors, need a part2

  • Jovetj


     1 months ago

    We don't have road signs that warn you of a gas station ahead. They don't explode often enough to need to warn approaching drivers of them.

  • Andee P & Company

    Andee P & Company

     1 months ago

    I legit hate how all these videos get the most obscure unknown things in America for these people to try! Not fair and a poor representation indeed! 😒

  • Shadow 3091

    Shadow 3091

     1 months ago

    As someone who loves spicy food, I have to ask. Do Irish people have any heat tolerance?? It seems like you guys flip out over stuff I would consider mild at best

  • Michael Giovinazzi

    Michael Giovinazzi

     1 months ago

    Let's be fair about language, shall we? When you say boot, you're talking about the trunk of a vehicle. When Americans say boot, we are talking about footwear. However, when Germans say boot, it means boat.

  • livinthedream5


     1 months ago

    I can’t believe how intensely boring that pair of guys more of them plz

  • A McG

    A McG

     1 months ago

    We’ve never seen some of those and we’ve never had a chance to try cheese and onion. They don’t sell them.

  • Dean O.

    Dean O.

     1 months ago

    I agree with Shannon... We American's are into tryin new tings. In fact if I had it my way the new tings I'd be tryin out today would be Shannon's tings. :-I

  • Elizabeth Pruett

    Elizabeth Pruett

     1 months ago

    Please tell me leather jacket guy is in this one lol

  • Van Vader

    Van Vader

     1 months ago

    Justine have sooo wonderfull lovable lips...

  • Jason Chatham

    Jason Chatham

     1 months ago

    the guy with the dumb ass earring looks greasy........please don't use him again. Pretty women! not greasy dudes!

  • Christopher Bartow

    Christopher Bartow

     1 months ago

    They had to choose speedway brand lol...I work there and don't even eat them...unless I'm dead on the overnight