Seafood Boil with Kayla from Nicole TV

  • Published on:  Sunday, January 12, 2020
  • Join me and special guest Kayla from Nicole TV. Y'all she is hilarious! We had a great time gettin' down on some seafood. Check out Kayla and follow her here:
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    Artwork by Paris L. Wilson
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  • Shanel Perkins

    Shanel Perkins

     seconds ago

    She’s brave eating that corn with braces...I wouldn’t dare

  • Kayla Thompson

    Kayla Thompson

     35 minutes ago

    I love that we have the same name🥺❤️

  • Nadria Clecidor

    Nadria Clecidor

     40 minutes ago +1

    My anxiety When kayla bit into the corn knowing she got braces:📈

  • Dera


     an hour ago

    Do a mukbang with cardi b she loves seafood

  • Neveah Billings

    Neveah Billings

     an hour ago +1

    If u love both of them


  • Marcella Williams

    Marcella Williams

     an hour ago +1


  • candid0111


     an hour ago

    Please longbeachgriffy.

  • Youvica Limage

    Youvica Limage

     an hour ago

    First time watching her video

  • Antwan Jenkins

    Antwan Jenkins

     2 hours ago +1

    She might be a good funny actress for a movie . A girl who was in girl night she was funny they need to make another one so she can be the funny one and I’m talking about Kayla

  • Kallie Bryant

    Kallie Bryant

     3 hours ago

    I need some seafood in my system ASAP 😊🍤🥦🦞🦐🦀🥔



     4 hours ago

    i love u xoxo

  • Jay melvin

    Jay melvin

     4 hours ago

    Only watching cuz of kayla

  • Mmyyaa 504

    Mmyyaa 504

     4 hours ago


  • KeepItInSTYLZ _

    KeepItInSTYLZ _

     4 hours ago

    How u get al famous people on channel

  • Rickey Walker

    Rickey Walker

     4 hours ago

    Can do a sea food boil with you plz🙏🏽😍 i never did one

  • ManiDaDoll ‘

    ManiDaDoll ‘

     4 hours ago

    😂😂the way she ate the corn

  • Keke Stract

    Keke Stract

     5 hours ago

    Do one with YoungBoy

  • Gaming with Skye

    Gaming with Skye

     5 hours ago

    Nle chappa

  • Samantha Taylor

    Samantha Taylor

     5 hours ago

    Kayla ain't fucking with it😂

  • ธนพร ภูโทสุด

    ธนพร ภูโทสุด

     6 hours ago

    She's cute ❣️❣️