A Cat Comforting Anxious Dog Every Day While Their Owners Are At Work

  • Published on:  Monday, March 4, 2019
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    Kelvin the ginger cat, and Joule, the dog, both belong to Brenna Eckert. Eckert adopted Joule four years ago...........

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  • Ę Ś T H Ê T Ī Č world

    Ę Ś T H Ê T Ī Č world

     28 days ago

    Awww, beautiful

  • StarChild North

    StarChild North

     2 months ago

    Fortunately, this is a nice dog - because the dog's body language says the cat is annoying.

  • miles and coffee

    miles and coffee

     9 months ago

    Love this! The cats are great comforters! 😸

  • Laika Thunder Child

    Laika Thunder Child

     10 months ago

    My hubbie’s name is Kelvin & always makes me feel better too ♥️. What a pair of cuties 🐶+😺=♥️

  • Beverly Willoughby

    Beverly Willoughby

     10 months ago


  • Allen Hampshire

    Allen Hampshire

     10 months ago

    Hello Slideshow, I don't think there is anything more wonderful than seeing two different types of animals in friendship and companionship. Dogs and cats together are the best !!! These two are therapy for each other. Just like my 4 kitties are for me!! Cats and Dogs are a gift from God to man!!! Wonderful video! God Bless, keith

  • wmfivethree


     10 months ago

    This might be the sweetest thing ever

  • Peter S

    Peter S

     10 months ago

    Mummy's marmalade monsters. So cute.

  • Betty Veronica

    Betty Veronica

     10 months ago

    Kelvin's giving her a meowssage! 💕💕💕💕

  • Dale Kelly

    Dale Kelly

     10 months ago

    Sometimes they can be best friends, and sometimes they can be worst enemies. Mostly depends on the cat.

  • 1vengeful Heart

    1vengeful Heart

     10 months ago

    Awww.. Sometimes I love people. lol, Usually just “ animal people “. Anyone that can appreciate something like this... 😊

  • Maddoxx


     10 months ago

    God bless those two pretty animals...

  • derfer007


     10 months ago +1

    His emotional support cat. 😍

  • Karl Jensen

    Karl Jensen

     10 months ago

    My ginger boy passed way in December. You have no idea how special they are until they are gone. Better than most people. Head butting expert and high volume rattle head. He always grateful for everything as was I. Miss him badly.

  • Elizabeth Linsay

    Elizabeth Linsay

     10 months ago

    O, my God! We should all be so lucky to have this much love from another being. Bless them both with all my heart.xoxo

  • Batam Fanny

    Batam Fanny

     10 months ago

    Simply beautiful and adorable 😍😍😍 😍😍 😍

  • aaeshah stockton

    aaeshah stockton

     10 months ago

    Awww 🥰 🐾🐾🐾😢😢😂

  • M Detlef

    M Detlef

     10 months ago

    MORE SHITTY NON videos.

  • lolalina star

    lolalina star

     10 months ago

    So beautiful.

  • Jamie


     10 months ago

    Beautiful blessings