GIANT NITROUS SHOT vs. Retired Cop Car! *Glorious Explosion*

  • Published on:  Thursday, May 31, 2018
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  • John Runion

    John Runion

     15 hours ago

    You guys are too funny.This one is a tuners dream car,you can really push the parameters without anxiety.Plus you can take pent up aggression out on a Ford.Too bad that one didn't have the four valve in it like my '02 did.

  • Robie Lopez

    Robie Lopez

     6 days ago

    my weiner hurts

  • NorthernChev


     7 days ago

    No, Gary, running rich with nitros is not better than running 12.8:1 A/F. You make the MOST power naturally right around 12.8:1 whether you're on the button or not. Running rich does not "save the engine" when it comes to nitrous. So, run a nitrous controller and an O2 sensor that keeps the air fuel ratio at or around 12.8:1 whether you're on the button or not. ...dry OR wet.

  • Thugasaurus Rex

    Thugasaurus Rex

     7 days ago +1

    Holy shit neighbor has come such a long way. I can't believe I've never seen this video before

  • Jason


     7 days ago

    Oh wow, those 4.6 engines are real work horses.

  • grabir01


     14 days ago

    plastic. Figures..

  • Joey 240sx

    Joey 240sx

     14 days ago

    what is a nitrous video without James

  • zayuhtoven


     14 days ago

    This inspires me to just get my 01 GT and just fucking send it

  • Mr. Said

    Mr. Said

     14 days ago +3

    In my country there is not a single crown victoria and you are just demolishing it, it just burns my eyes

  • Dalton Beal

    Dalton Beal

     14 days ago

    Anybody else go watch videos from 1 year ago and laugh just as much as the day it was published!! Love the channel! Raise hell and praise Dale🤘🏻

  • AIO inc.

    AIO inc.

     21 days ago +25

    "Why is my powerband in cursive"

    probably has something to do with your trans exploding

  • BeastlyJester 94

    BeastlyJester 94

     21 days ago

    Looks like you're taking neighbor out to the pasture out back to put it out of its misery but it dies in the most intense orgasm it will ever have

  • Sérgio Alves

    Sérgio Alves

     21 days ago +1

    I like how he acted surprised like he didn't know that was going to happen.

  • Ron Matson

    Ron Matson

     21 days ago

    Idk what PSI nitrous bottles come full filled at but with argon in welding anything over 2000 psi is a "high pressure " bottle and technically needs to be fully closed or fully open ( please be high pressure )

  • Reese Gaster

    Reese Gaster

     21 days ago

    Paint it a brown or orange color

  • Ethan Chalkley

    Ethan Chalkley

     21 days ago

    Neighbor the legend was born...

  • cj reyes

    cj reyes

     21 days ago

    For science!😂

  • Mike Sienicki

    Mike Sienicki

     21 days ago +12

    Some poor African could have eaten that car.

  • Chance Colwell

    Chance Colwell

     a months ago

    Is it the stock engine

  • T Swensen

    T Swensen

     a months ago

    are you fucking stupid, this the most useless video I've watched to date