Got Wago Back Up and Running in a Day!

  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
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  • john McKinney

    john McKinney

     2 months ago

    Emilio, would you like a 19.5 josh pool stick?

  • Jim Rowlings

    Jim Rowlings

     5 months ago

    Congrats on getting back up and running great video

  • Brandon Freese

    Brandon Freese

     7 months ago

    Brent needs a hot tank to dip n clean parts in at the shop.

  • Brandon Freese

    Brandon Freese

     7 months ago

    You should of done the internals. And made wago a real all wheel drive race car.

  • Tyler Richards

    Tyler Richards

     7 months ago

    how ru guys making money besides youtube HAHA

  • RyanBeatbox


     8 months ago

    F in chat for the oil on your boys timbs at 13:23

  • Max Lisska

    Max Lisska

     9 months ago

    Thanks junior

  • Derek g

    Derek g

     9 months ago

    So what happend with the 2kz havent hesrd about it since this been a momth now



     9 months ago

    You just keep the quality content flowing man!

  • Mr.Random56


     10 months ago

    looks like you need a parts cleaner like cleetus has.

  • Rene Arredondo

    Rene Arredondo

     10 months ago

    Did anyone else feel like that crank was never ending 😂😂😂

  • Scott O

    Scott O

     10 months ago

    Looking for a Wago, im in Michigan.... Help me!!

  • Dollars are Shackles !

    Dollars are Shackles !

     10 months ago

    2KZ with twin compound turbos

  • lil astro kid08

    lil astro kid08

     10 months ago

    do you still scooter? lol

  • Alfredo Lozano

    Alfredo Lozano

     10 months ago

    2KZ !!! damn lets see who is gonna copy that on youtube.. yall did it first though!!!



     10 months ago

    I don't like your fucken face ay

  • EFormance Engineering

    EFormance Engineering

     10 months ago

    Does the K series still spin the wrong direction? I noticed the trans is on the left side of the engine instead of the right side, suggesting the rotation of the motor was changed from the earlier ones.

  • anthony SAVAGE222

    anthony SAVAGE222

     10 months ago


  • Rims UHRP

    Rims UHRP

     10 months ago

    God so nasty the floor in ur shop please clean up put everything in order at least to be clean shop

  • Reptile Obsession

    Reptile Obsession

     10 months ago

    First of all boosted Boiz is dope. Second of all you need to get your a**es to hday 19 in Maryland they have an awd class now. Bring wago and dominant the east coast