Ultimate Sis Vs Bro PAUSE CHALLENGE!! (I Control Stephen Sharer’s Life for a Day with Giant Remote)

  • Published on:  Friday, February 15, 2019
  • After the “PAUSE CHALLENGE with STEPHEN SHARER for 24 HOURS (Sis VS Bro mystery remote found in Treasure Chest)” Graces brother Stephen Sharer decided to get her back with “PAUSE CHALLENGE with GRACE SHARER for 24 HOURS (Mystery Remote Found in Game Master Treasure Chest)” and then Grace noticed something mysterious about the worlds biggest pause challenge remote. This remote control is different than the other remotes youtubers have been using like Morgz used on Morgz Mom. Grace decided to wake up super early to get to the remote before any other Sharer Fam member. She took the magic remote apart with her brother Carter Sharer tools and found a mystery clue note inside! Using Carter Sharers mini Star Wars light saber black light she found hidden clues on the note. One said to be careful with the code search button … the note was cut off so she could not read the rest. Grace then decided to put the remote all back together and start testing it out. Grace learned that each button on the remote does different magical powers. So she decided to go test out each button on her twin like brother Stephen Sharer! Grace controls Stephens life for 24 hours, its sis vs bro challenge time. \The rest is history!! This Magical Remote from the treasure chest is one of a kind! ⤵️Comment down below what you think the Code Search button does!!

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