Trying Dumb LIFE HACKS to see if they work

  • Published on:  Saturday, January 11, 2020
  • Trying Dumb LIFE HACKS to see if they work! Haven't done any diy lifehacks in a while... Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch Dumb People Caught STEALING Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack

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  • •Sleepy Gacha•

    •Sleepy Gacha•

     13 minutes ago

    2:41 I watched that video before this one 😂😂

  • Mariah Edwards

    Mariah Edwards

     22 minutes ago

    Seleact squad!!!!! Like if ur the same smile 😃

  • LPS Galaxy

    LPS Galaxy

     22 minutes ago

    5:47 “It’s like having a wet Oreo”
    Me: don’t say it, don’t say it..
    Also me: that’s what she said.

  • Jeril Thomas

    Jeril Thomas

     22 minutes ago +1

    I like my Oreo nice and squishy😂🤣

  • Yññï Tūn

    Yññï Tūn

     24 minutes ago

    Они еще лайфхаки "трум трум" не пробовали :D

  • solo iditz

    solo iditz

     24 minutes ago

    The oreo ice cream hack will taste better if it was chocolate milk not milk😎

  • Jeril Thomas

    Jeril Thomas

     26 minutes ago

    It’s 4 in the morning and I have a Chanel bag in the microwave

  • Ireland loves Huskys

    Ireland loves Huskys

     29 minutes ago +1

    Sssniperwolf “I only got a channel bag”

    Me “all I got is a Walmart bag”

  • Julissa Alfaro

    Julissa Alfaro

     31 minutes ago

    SSSinper wolf you were supposed to but the corn in a brown bAgO



     44 minutes ago

    Giving birth people around her:I CALL THE SKITTLES



     47 minutes ago

    XD hacks ruined,house burnt down,hotel travago amazing

  • Sarah Price

    Sarah Price

     48 minutes ago

    I started to watch the video, paused it after the Oreo back and went to eat some Oreos... Lol they were good...

  • Jaxson Vaske

    Jaxson Vaske

     48 minutes ago

    Come to Iowa in the summer to try to do the first hack

  • Jahaira Castro

    Jahaira Castro

     59 minutes ago

    my friend says i look like you

  • beckymay19


     an hour ago


    Literally nobody:

  • Taylor Fall

    Taylor Fall

     an hour ago +1

    I am pregnant!!! 😤🗣 and it is Jesus 😌

  • Lilly Eve

    Lilly Eve

     an hour ago

    Are you related to

  • Kasari Shelton

    Kasari Shelton

     an hour ago

    I would try the salad one

  • _ડ᥊rꫀꪀᦔiρitꪗ _

    _ડ᥊rꫀꪀᦔiρitꪗ _

     2 hours ago

    freezes egg
    friend comes over for some water
    ‘Can I have some ice?’
    ‘Yeah it’s in the fridge’
    takes ice
    takes a sip
    comes running in
    wHy ThE fAcK dOeS mY wAtEr In A hYdRoFlAsK tAsTe EgGy?!?!?!?

  • SHaddai Clark

    SHaddai Clark

     2 hours ago

    The weirdest video starter ever😂