10 Gaming Gadgets That Will Let You Play FORTNITE ANYWHERE!

  • Published on:  Friday, October 26, 2018
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    Join us on DOPE or NOPE today as we unbox awesome tech and gadgets will let you play Fortnite mobile anywhere even better than before! Check out these interesting gaming gadgets that can be used to play Fortnite on your iPhone and even on a completely portable TV gaming setup! Do you agree with our ratings for these tech gadgets? Let us know in the comments below, and subscribe to see more funny videos like this in the future!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/agnOLtUMmQs


  • sparky Pankaces

    sparky Pankaces

     13 hours ago

    muselk intro btw

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    Aarav’s Movie Clips and More


    Me JSU’s get a Nintendo switch

  • Joe paulowski

    Joe paulowski

     3 days ago

    You can actually use blue tooth to connect a controller to your phone

  • Tianna Elizalde

    Tianna Elizalde

     5 days ago

    Matt: but wait can u use this to play fortnite?
    Lis: Not yEt....

    Lis! Type Ctrl + C if ur a hacker 😉🤐

  • Avinesh Pillay

    Avinesh Pillay

     7 days ago

    Please. Don’t do fortnite ;-;

  • Eman & Gabe TV

    Eman & Gabe TV

     7 days ago

    I have that PS4 holder

  • Snow Husky

    Snow Husky

     7 days ago

    3:44 GUYYYYY

  • Barbie Rowe

    Barbie Rowe

     7 days ago


  • Xxxartgamerxx X

    Xxxartgamerxx X

     7 days ago

    The game is called Cyber hunter

  • morgan salvi

    morgan salvi

     7 days ago

    2:30 when you think your friends are going to give you a high five

  • Beth Forbes

    Beth Forbes

     14 days ago

    No Conner was wearing a signal taken shirt

    Matt you’re fired #relateable

  • Taylor Ong

    Taylor Ong

     14 days ago

    when the gamer loses a life in a game and call the wambulance,
    wiii uuuu
    wiii uuu
    wiii uuu

  • Luke plays

    Luke plays

     14 days ago

    I’ve seen those projector things the big inflatable one in there actually just a big inflatable bouncy house that teachers tell you not to play with but you’re so tempted to play with it you just end up playing with it anyways but they’re cool it’s basically just a bouncy house the white screen on it



     14 days ago

    I remember the video with brian totally funny

  • LlamaLlama


     14 days ago

    Did he buy the screen thing

  • Justin Van Trump

    Justin Van Trump

     21 days ago

    You can now I was using a plug in controller when this was filmed and now I use my bluetooth controller

  • Lin KyunLi

    Lin KyunLi

     21 days ago +1

    Matt: It'd be funny if it was also the Fortnite video.
    Me: ...Hey, I've seen it happen. It's duplicated links on me before. YouTube breaks in some weird ways.

  • Lisa Borgia

    Lisa Borgia

     21 days ago

    I want Tanner's shirt

  • Light Shadow

    Light Shadow

     21 days ago

    Items that needed to get wrecced

  • Brinton Prestridge

    Brinton Prestridge

     28 days ago +3

    Major props to Cameron. He truly is an editing wizard!