Target Holiday | Cyber Monday Doorbusters

  • Published on:  Saturday, November 30, 2019
  • Shop this Cyber Monday for huge savings. We've got hundreds of Doorbusters on TVs, toys, and so much more. Starting Sunday.

    Sam Smith ‘I Feel Love’ Listen now
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  • Susan


     14 days ago

    i feel bad for all the people who work at target who have to listen to this song all the time

  • Zack Cordle

    Zack Cordle

     28 days ago

    This song always makes my stomach hurt for some reason..



     28 days ago

  • Tyler Moll

    Tyler Moll

     1 months ago

    As a Target worker who hears this song about 4 times a shift, clicking this video triggered multiple convulsing spasms, and a fiery desire to expel vomit. No stars, would not recommend

  • Matthew


     1 months ago

    I know what you’re all thinking and the answer is:


  • Jeremy Fell

    Jeremy Fell

     1 months ago

    Came here for Big Bang Theory clips, got sucked in to Target ads.... Btw, what da hell is that lil guy with a wheel for a body??!?

  • A.I. Privilege

    A.I. Privilege

     1 months ago

    I love me some Target, but trending page?

  • Kany


     1 months ago +1

    Target paying youtube to get on the trending page

  • Cee Cee

    Cee Cee

     1 months ago

    Please tell me that you all realize that this song is original to the GREAT Donna Summers?! #icon

  • Captain Chlamidia

    Captain Chlamidia

     1 months ago

    Oh man I cant wait for these deals.

  • Mo K

    Mo K

     1 months ago

    How do you get 17 million views and only 10k likes and 600 comments. Seems like a bunch of bots to me😂

  • Tramaine Terrance

    Tramaine Terrance

     1 months ago

    Hello, Humans.
    "It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both."
    -Niccolo Machiavelli


  • Tyler Rathbun

    Tyler Rathbun

     1 months ago

    Why is this on trending?

  • Bay Area sports fan

    Bay Area sports fan

     1 months ago +1

    Trending with only 600 comments?

  • ItsM3Mariska


     1 months ago

    Wow great job

  • Brian Roman

    Brian Roman

     1 months ago

    I lowkey love this add

  • Lucas Martin

    Lucas Martin

     1 months ago

    Why is this on trending?

  • Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    Henry Windsor Rurikovich

     1 months ago

    💓 unbelievable 💓

  • 100k subs without any videos

    100k subs without any videos

     1 months ago +48

    No one:
    Literally no one:

    Youtube: lets get this trending

  • Hafiz


     1 months ago