Prepping Leroy For FULL FREEDOM MODE at FL2K19! + Chief Makes It Home!

  • Published on:  Saturday, October 12, 2019
  • Looks like Leroy is ready to rip for FL2K19! He won it last year, can he win again?

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  • Cleetus McFarland

    Cleetus McFarland

     1 months ago +560

    Ladies and Gents I'm proud to announce that the Toast videos have been shot! Been insanely busy with the car, I'll be editing tonight after FL2K and hoping to fill the next few days with Toast FREEDOM vids! If you want to watch Leroy win FL2K last year, click here:

  • Matt Evans

    Matt Evans

     14 days ago

    BARRA swap while your over here in Australia buy a Barra motor

  • phil mortlock

    phil mortlock

     14 days ago

    I named my kx 450 Barry and my mates said It should have a girls name and my response was Barry is to strong and reliable for a girls name.
    Leroy is my staffys name and my others is ROFL the super staffy.
    From Straya fkn Merica baby the land of the free.

  • Maximus Bretland

    Maximus Bretland

     14 days ago

    Who saw that sexy is300 in the background at minute 7

  • Alexander Grullon

    Alexander Grullon

     14 days ago

    Ecoboost Chief!!!

  • NoskcaJ 117

    NoskcaJ 117

     21 days ago

    Keep chief stock

  • Jeff Fowler

    Jeff Fowler

     21 days ago

    Clean the older lenses with toothpaste they'll look new again.

  • Br0ke b0y Pr0ducti0ns

    Br0ke b0y Pr0ducti0ns

     21 days ago

    Coyote swap the mustang or the chief

  • Chris Maggard

    Chris Maggard

     28 days ago

    Please don't LS swap it

  • swankypotter


     28 days ago

    Put the Cummins in Chief!!!



     1 months ago

    EcoBoost swap the vic 😎

  • Dustin Sims

    Dustin Sims

     1 months ago

    Awesome helmet. Let er eat

  • 1423 171

    1423 171

     1 months ago +1

    I'd love to see how much faster leroy got if you guys did a fiberglass aero body on it to make it slicker

  • Junior 249

    Junior 249

     1 months ago

    Best of luck in FL2K19...The helmet looks nice !!!

  • Josh RL

    Josh RL

     1 months ago

    I noticed in your LS fest videos that Leroy always lost traction, wouldn't putting a spoiler on Leroy minimize that problem?

  • All Types Aircooled

    All Types Aircooled

     1 months ago

    6.1 hemi swap the new crown Vic plz

  • K. W.

    K. W.

     1 months ago

    That new helmet is WAYYY nicer than Jon Doc's!!! You did it for Dale in a real way Cleetus!!!

  • Brandon


     1 months ago

    I'd just ferrari swap it

  • Sincityz1989


     1 months ago


    Leroy made it to the finals at FL2K

  • Brendan carcana

    Brendan carcana

     1 months ago

    Put a coyote in Chifff