SIMON COWELL CRACKS UP!! Stand Up Comedian Gets Everyone Laughing At His Jokes!

  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 29, 2019
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  • I Love Cats N’ Kittens

    I Love Cats N’ Kittens

     12 minutes ago

    Simon cracks up?! Now I gotta see this!

  • Horses And Me

    Horses And Me

     4 hours ago

    This guy has talent his daughter is so cute his wife is so supportive 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Mark Ryan Dayanghirang

    Mark Ryan Dayanghirang

     6 hours ago

    I died when he said “ tHeY arE BrEAkdanCiNg “ 😂

  • Mark Ryan Dayanghirang

    Mark Ryan Dayanghirang

     6 hours ago

    I died when he said the neighbour died

  • Alec kauffman

    Alec kauffman

     9 hours ago

    I want to see the dog

  • Julisa Vega

    Julisa Vega

     9 hours ago

    you keep that dog.... CAUSE YOU DESERVE IT

  • Nalani White

    Nalani White

     12 hours ago

    He looks like Sam from the Netflix show

  • Svod


     14 hours ago

    lol his wife really said "hes a stand up guy".... think about it for a minute if youre slow

  • Sophie Le Gaudiet

    Sophie Le Gaudiet

     16 hours ago

    This dude is hilarious and adorable. But does anyone think that he sounds a bit like the gay dude from family guy 😂😂

  • Ali Shaikh

    Ali Shaikh

     18 hours ago


  • Ali Shaikh

    Ali Shaikh

     18 hours ago

    Imagine Simon was the bully

  • Innie Binnie STUDIOS

    Innie Binnie STUDIOS

     20 hours ago +1

    I love Samuel!
    My Ex stepdad didn’t have what he had but he Did Twitch a little. He was also a Awesome man!
    But my sister decided to blame everything on him. I’m the only one who thinks it was his fault he started to drink.
    It’s from stress, normally people drink cause they’re stressed or they just wanna party.

  • Klimt Kahlo

    Klimt Kahlo


    Is anyone going to comment on how gay he dresses for a straight guy? Have never seen a straight guy with so much sense of style!

  • Guadalupe Estrada

    Guadalupe Estrada


    I’m gonna died of laughter and joy

  • SpookeyClown



    My face is twitching now

  • The Monster Legends Dino Boi

    The Monster Legends Dino Boi


    I love this dude he’s so funny

  • Gaming With Hannah

    Gaming With Hannah

     2 days ago

    I no right

  • Amanda Smith

    Amanda Smith

     2 days ago

    He's so handsome! Strange accent though, wonder where he's from.

  • Madison Johnson

    Madison Johnson

     2 days ago


  • vangorpgideon


     2 days ago +4

    Getting drunk game: Take a shot everytime this guy blinks. You'll be drunk in 30 sec