Drift Tire Testing! (900hp S15, 500hp S13, 280hp 350Z)

  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
  • 2JZ S15, SR20 S13, and Missle 350Z all at the track to test out some tires courtesy of Zeknova. Such a good time!
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    Thumbnail photo by @yeahjessieann

    Tires used:
    Landsail ApexKing 200TW
    Zeknova RS606 R1 140TW
    Zeknova Supersport RS 240TW
  • Source: https://youtu.be/cJJerc9ej7g


  • Vítězslav Šablatura

    Vítězslav Šablatura

     2 months ago

    17:15 what camera mount do you use for this type of angles when drifting? :)



     6 months ago

    Adam Own's 3 nissan = Drift Nissan

  • Andrew Flores

    Andrew Flores

     8 months ago

    If you would have did that run (12:47) at pro-2 you for sure would have qualified 1st 😭😞

  • haikaltasman


     8 months ago

    It has been some time since i watched your vids. Now the vids are even cooler!

  • Jr Ozare

    Jr Ozare

     9 months ago

    I got chills too. Fucking hell That last run was the perfect example to, "I really don't have anything to live for so I might as well send it..."
    That's pain combined with top level driving skills and a wall. 🔥

  • ryuman757


     9 months ago

    S15 so crazy, it makes the video look sped up on the spiral, lol.

  • Vivek M

    Vivek M

     9 months ago

    What year is the s15?

  • NorthMin Gaming

    NorthMin Gaming

     10 months ago

    Your 350z sounds good

  • bubbard


     10 months ago

    Dont 350z come with over 300 hp stock..?

  • Simon Garbett

    Simon Garbett

     10 months ago

    Wow. What a driver. 😎 cool dude.

  • MultiIssabel


     10 months ago

    Yo the s15 ain't playing games bruhh

  • yngd aggerboi449

    yngd aggerboi449

     10 months ago

    I am wondering what is that sound in s15 that is similliar to supercharger whine?

  • aussie rc play ground

    aussie rc play ground

     10 months ago

    plz do bmx again plz

  • BeyTek


     10 months ago +1

    dudes got skilz!

  • Josh Vanderwal

    Josh Vanderwal

     10 months ago

    How much does it usually cost on tires when you do these events or do you get free tires

  • MarkAnthony Calderon

    MarkAnthony Calderon

     10 months ago

    Love these types of videos.

  • FoRealz Tho

    FoRealz Tho

     10 months ago

    s15 sounds fkn insane!!!!

  • Haley Levengood

    Haley Levengood

     10 months ago

    Get in line with Achilles radial!
    Our company is their biggest distributor on the east coast 😎

  • All music

    All music

     10 months ago

    are you Fing sierus at 15 min in the video the way he just flicks it in and keeps the perfect drift in the S15 worth A LOT OF MONEY i think he has what it takes to become a world champion one day Adam you're drifting has come a long way and now you're a world class drifter. stay sideways respect from UK Hull

  • Sur Radio

    Sur Radio

     10 months ago

    that kid had the time of his life!!!!! there is so much excitement he cant even word it !!!