Irish People Try Four Loko For The First Time

  • Published on:  Monday, July 29, 2019
  • Irish People finally try Four Loko for the first time! They were not ready... MERCH MADNESS:
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    Four Loko is a popular 'flavoured malt beverage' from America - a sweet, carbonated drink with a fierce amount of sugar and alcohol percentages from 12% to 14%. We have NOTHING like this in Ireland, so of course we sat down our Irish People to see what they thought!

    P.S. - For the purposes of this video we used two varieties of 'flavoured malt beverage', Four Loko and Joose. This was purely down to what was available to us. Overall they're the same style of drink!

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  • Charles Crane

    Charles Crane

     5 hours ago

    the best

  • G. M.

    G. M.

     12 hours ago

    5:22 8:20

  • Ryan Sitterly

    Ryan Sitterly

     21 hours ago

    No one gonna talk about how an Irish native made and American ‘Nam joke? Lol not offended just confused 😂

  • Meme King

    Meme King

     23 hours ago

    You gotta love that jacksepticeye accent.

  • Madeline Harper

    Madeline Harper


    Does anyone remember when they first came out and then they were recalled or the company had to change the formula??
    I just found out recently they were back! We stocked up on them before they were all gone.

  • Curry and Rice

    Curry and Rice


    Coma in a can!

  • Ali Wilkins

    Ali Wilkins

     yesterday +1

    Four loco was actually banned for a bit here in America because it was so dangerous.

  • Barty Crowell

    Barty Crowell


    Am I the only one who had a good experience my first time with fourloco? Woke up with an extra woman in the bed.... Granted the relationship with the other woman ended that day

  • Harry Wade

    Harry Wade


    I come here just for the Irish matey in the black jacket he’s fucken quality

  • the jax of all games

    the jax of all games


    Leather jacket guy you have a whole shit load of tolerance cause 4 locos is the drink that made me stop my occasional drinking

  • Caleb Joshua Madamba

    Caleb Joshua Madamba


    Accent 💙

  • Ian Shearer

    Ian Shearer


    My first experience? Started drinking in Arkansas, woke up on dauphin island Alabama 2 days later with 4 of the 12 pack 4lokos in my passenger seat with 3 friends passed out on the beach...

  • Casper Whitby

    Casper Whitby


    4 loco and mountain dew kickstart is really good




    My mom was a cool "if you're going to drink its going to be around me so you don't get yourself in trouble" parents. When four loko first came out she got me a green one thinking it would be like a Smirnoff ice or whatever. Obviously it was very not. She lives on the water and I woke up half hanging off the dock to the point where if I had moved whatsoever I would have fallen in and drowned. I apparently tried another one when they came back out and I have no recollection of it, I only know because I found the can in my trashcan the next morning.

  • Saphire Throated Carpenter Ant

    Saphire Throated Carpenter Ant

     yesterday +1


  • Rick Tilden

    Rick Tilden


    Four Loko is Special Olympics in a can

  • Marysol Losada

    Marysol Losada

     2 days ago

    I wanna party w all of them

  • Marysol Losada

    Marysol Losada

     2 days ago


  • Marysol Losada

    Marysol Losada

     2 days ago

    Try white claw

  • Drunken Master, Chicken Man

    Drunken Master, Chicken Man

     2 days ago

    Now ya gotta try a 211. Drink 4 and call me in the mornin'.