How to make these Alternative Dovetail Joints (The Knapp Joint)

  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 8, 2019
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    In this woodworking video, I show you how to make an alternative dovetail joint - The Knapp Joint. If you enjoy making or learning how to make dovetail joints, you will really enjoy the woodworking tips that I share in this project video.

    This was a great challenge that I thoroughly enjoyed working out.

    I'm very pleased with the results but I'm more than happy to hear of any improvements that could be made. :)

    As always I'm happy to answer any questions.

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  • monkeemash


     4 hours ago

    Who in the world would thumbs down this?

  • Peri Artaku

    Peri Artaku

     9 hours ago

    Those copper-lined dowels in the guide look like a pretty desk ornament, or something. I kind of want some lol

  • Tristan Burrell

    Tristan Burrell


    Not sure if anyone has suggested this already, I dont want to read all the comments. You could easily design these specialty templates as 3D models on the computer and print them with a 3D printer! If you are not too computer oriented, seeing as you have the skills its not that hard to learn. Anyways this was a great video and very entertaining/educational to watch!

  • Dennis Meyers

    Dennis Meyers

     2 days ago

    18:05 Wow!

  • kenneth pospisil

    kenneth pospisil

     2 days ago

    Omg that was so worth it

  • Liberty or Death

    Liberty or Death

     2 days ago

    Nice job👍

  • Joel Leaver

    Joel Leaver

     2 days ago

    Nice Work. Interesting and Informative! The joints look great!

  • The SJV Workshop

    The SJV Workshop

     2 days ago

    You make it look so simple

  • Per Normann

    Per Normann

     2 days ago

    How about leave the 6 mm radius from the router and chisel on the "half moons" instead. I think that would simplify the process of making this joint, and made look better.

  • Gerry Lundergaard

    Gerry Lundergaard

     2 days ago

    Great video! Your learning well however, the steps can easily be reduced by half with this method I taught while I was serving my time at Cedar Junction Prison: Anneal spade bit, cut the crescent on THE SiDES of spade using a countersink.Take this half moon spade bit, stub the shank, mount in drill press. Clamp fence to drill press table. Drop & lock drill press quill every center to center. There you have i! Side cutting of female mate, easy!

    I had lots of time in prison, you can see how I quickly learned to make shanks for survival. Pay attention or pay time!

  • mike `lozinski

    mike `lozinski

     2 days ago

    what a waste of time. Whats the point?! We've grown way past this!

  • Jason G

    Jason G

     2 days ago

    And that circle that you used to mqrk stuff whats that called

  • Jason G

    Jason G

     2 days ago

    What was the long stone rolling pin called

  • mike bragg

    mike bragg

     3 days ago

    good luck not going broke making drawers like this

  • Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec

    Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec

     3 days ago

    Search for ppotty1 aka (Loz Harrop) and GrandPa Amu. You'd enjoy those channels

  • Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec

    Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec

     3 days ago

    Brilliant 👍

  • BobOderKlaus


     4 days ago

    Im a joiner in Germany, i have never Seen anything like this and i LOVE it and im gonna try it out😊

  • yomofo101


     4 days ago

    Love it! Whereabouts did you get that little marking knife? please.

  • Ryan H

    Ryan H

     5 days ago

    Ah ha, this carpenter has all 10 fingers, that's the sign of a solid craftsman! Great video, awesome joint.

  • Lizard


     6 days ago

    Incredible!!! Way beyond my temperament though.... :- )