• Published on:  Tuesday, March 5, 2019
  • Bigbrudda (Jeffrey Ridgway / JT Ridgway) returns to his father's (Psycho Dad) house after a stressful, strange time at Migzfilms and Tippy's (Daddy Chill) place. Psycho Dad informs Big Brudda that Jesse Ridgway (Mcjuggernuggets) stole his Mazda Miata the night before. While working on Jeffrey's Ford F-150 truck, Psycho Dad gets a call...PSYCHO DAD'S ANTIQUE CAR WAS DESTROYED!

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    I’m a 29 year old man-child living in New Jersey. I vlog my life in all of its comedic glory. I also have a dog named Kate, who yells at me for all of antics. Well, here ya go!
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  • Miridebaas NL

    Miridebaas NL


    Nice mazda miata mx-5 thats 5k from craigslist you got there

  • cringe god

    cringe god

     6 days ago

    I wish it was gta so they could flip over the car while inside

  • Josiah Faria

    Josiah Faria

     7 days ago

    His ass will get you right

  • Train Man joe

    Train Man joe

     14 days ago

    I didn’t see an antique car.

  • Rafael Blanchard

    Rafael Blanchard

     21 days ago

    Oh man that Miata is so cute. Ducking Jesse comes in and ruins everything of the poor car

  • Pixil Productions

    Pixil Productions

     21 days ago

    That’s not an “antique”, it’s from 1995, and you can buy one for less than $5000, I own 3.
    If you wanna see what a real rollover accident looks like, you can find it here

  • Rosalee Zephier

    Rosalee Zephier

     21 days ago

    Jesse's in hot water means he's in serious trouble with Jeff Sr.

  • GliderGaming


     21 days ago

    its a '95 miata its not an antique

  • DMV Raised

    DMV Raised

     1 months ago

    Who else didn’t know that YouTube pays you for “business expenses”?

  • Shane Reyes

    Shane Reyes

     1 months ago

    nice 1988 ford
    also nice 1990 mazda miata

  • Mariane Antonio

    Mariane Antonio

     1 months ago




     1 months ago

    Since when is a 90s mazda "antique"???

  • JadeBrookGrimm


     1 months ago

    So is it just me or did this seem off? Like the cops would have stayed until the property owner showed up so they could go through legalities or pressing charges, if the car was or was not stollen,ect. It seems a little strange he father is constantly asking if he's heard from the brother but they just so happen at that exact moment get a call about the car. It's either a huge coincidence or something is off here

  • H Sand

    H Sand

     1 months ago

    Is jessy McNugget jagger or wtf ever his name is cuz he’s got a video with lance S of them flipping it lmfao fucking idiots!

  • Inspector512


     1 months ago

    Description is in third person. Yup, this is a series.

  • Derek Rogers

    Derek Rogers

     1 months ago

    Never heard of any of you but just came across the mcnugget dude and the accident video.. lol I call totally BS on this. Staged at its finest

  • Ashlei Padilla

    Ashlei Padilla

     2 months ago

    Jesse's mean big brother 😂😡

  • phi 0318

    phi 0318

     2 months ago

    Funniest thing is that a Miata is an antique car!!!

  • elijah Yandow

    elijah Yandow

     2 months ago

    You suck ass hole

  • Piitaaraq larsen

    Piitaaraq larsen

     2 months ago

    Nuggets car