Why parrots can talk like humans

  • Published on:  Monday, March 4, 2019
  • Monkeys are our closest biological relatives, and they can't speak. But parrots don’t seem to have a problem at all.
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    In 2016 researchers released a study with an incredible headline: monkey vocal tracts are speech-ready. It showed that monkeys are held back from speech not by their bodies, but by their brains. But if that’s the case, what’s the deal with birds?

    Parrots are known for their ability to mimic human speech with incredible accuracy. It’s jarring to hear an animal so vastly different from us speaking our language. So how do they do it? Partially, neurology: parrots are wired for communication in ways other animals (including other birds) are not. But it’s largely physiology. Birds are uniquely equipped to make sounds, and this video will give you a basic overview of how that works.

    Throughout reporting this piece I had several conversations with Dr. Irene Pepperberg – If you’re interested in the neurology of these birds, I highly recommend checking out her studies on African Grey parrots. I’ve linked to a few of them below:

    Evidence for Conceptual Quantitative Abilities in the African Grey Parrot: Labeling of Cardinal Sets
    Acquisition of the same/different concept by an African Grey parrot: Learning with respect to categories of color, shape, and material
    Number Comprehension by a Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus), Including a Zero-Like Concept

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  • Wizz Da Burrito Boy

    Wizz Da Burrito Boy

     2 hours ago

    A while back I was holding my bird and he said "can you come closer?" Which is something I never taught him, I brought him closer to me and he started playing with my hair. Birds are freakishly smart

  • Champian Tv

    Champian Tv



  • Maverick Music

    Maverick Music

     2 days ago

    Starlings, i guess are doing the samething as parrots when they mimic our speech

  • American Dream parade

    American Dream parade

     2 days ago +1

    I meet one that yells the f word a lot

  • James


     3 days ago

    Smart birbs

  • Mykeh


     3 days ago

    problem is, we try to teach animals to mimic noises... that just doesn't work for 99% of them...

  • Nathan Cox

    Nathan Cox

     4 days ago +1

    Bird Imitating a camera,stable diet cameramen.

  • Skycity Nem

    Skycity Nem

     4 days ago

    I had a parrot for 25 years. It was bilingual and was a so sweet!

  • Zachary Allen

    Zachary Allen

     4 days ago

    Why do humans sound like parrots🤔

  • gabnys


     4 days ago

    simple answer: they ARE humans.

  • Source Light

    Source Light

     4 days ago

    Reminds me of Epsteins autopsy

  • ahmedsafaa1000


     5 days ago

    Ok we get now how they speak in technical terms but how do they imitate our sounds to respond correctly to our speech that they have no clue what we are saying

  • Edzitis


     5 days ago

    Because parrot is smarter then us

  • Mike J

    Mike J

     5 days ago

    Parrots can't talk like humans, they mimic sounds, it's like saying dogs can understand conversations because they know what walkies and dinner means.

  • Mile Dávid

    Mile Dávid

     5 days ago

    I'm not sounding like a parrot

  • Ryben Flynn

    Ryben Flynn

     5 days ago

    No talking parrots 👎

  • Bad Ass

    Bad Ass

     5 days ago

    W I L L Y O U M A R R Y M E ? ?

  • Mike T

    Mike T

     5 days ago

    I'd slap that Cardinal silly

  • RJ DA

    RJ DA

     5 days ago

    It’s simple, animals such as birds evolved into humans

  • StepOne


     6 days ago +1

    So Parrots are better at talking then humans?!