The Rhino Beetle Games | Epic Beetle Olympics

  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 5, 2019
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    The most epic event of the century to ever hit the Antiverse (the Ant Room) has finally arrived! The #RhinoBeetleGames2019, an Olympic-style #Competition between a champion team of rhino beetle males has been something we've waited for since October of last year! Our #RhinoBeetles (Xylotrupes giddeon philippinensis) have all finally matured which marks the start of the games. The males have varying sizes and shapes of horns and spines, and come in various body sizes. They each have different personalities and strengths, and in this video we get a chance to meet the Rhino Beetle Gladiators among whom we've chosen our preferred teams, and watch them compete in the first round of games - the Rhino Dive. Come join in on the fun and see if your favourite Rhino Beetle Gladiator advances into the next round!

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  • Derpette Derm

    Derpette Derm

     10 months ago +2558

    Just did a literal blind beetle choice. I picked #TeamHephaestus because the name sounds cool. My fiance chose #TeamPoseidon because of the aqua-man movie. Winner gets to choose the wedding location. LETS GO MY LITTLE HEPH-ER! EDIT Forgot to add the hashtags TT

  • enderman 905

    enderman 905

     44 minutes ago

    # team zeus



     an hour ago


  • Andrew Gill

    Andrew Gill

     an hour ago


  • Persnickens


     2 hours ago

    18:51 one man crew, spot on!

  • VidKid


     3 hours ago




     3 hours ago


  • WaistedAmmo YT

    WaistedAmmo YT

     3 hours ago


  • Alexander Ronzio

    Alexander Ronzio

     4 hours ago


  • Alexander Ronzio

    Alexander Ronzio

     4 hours ago

    #team ares

  • Gunawan Halim

    Gunawan Halim

     4 hours ago

    Team hades

  • Noah Watches Youtube

    Noah Watches Youtube

     4 hours ago


  • Doge The king

    Doge The king

     5 hours ago

    This was kinda brutal for the beetles, they were not raised to face predators, and you threw them out into a land filled with their predators. None of the beetles got
    To live an honorable life, just a luxurious one. The ones who got kicked out most likely died in the first few weeks.

  • Hayden Hernandez

    Hayden Hernandez

     5 hours ago


  • Thor Melbye

    Thor Melbye

     6 hours ago


  • German Shepherd time

    German Shepherd time

     6 hours ago

    #team heades

  • David P

    David P

     7 hours ago

    I think Apollo is my favorite because it is the name of each lunar mission.


  • Lisa Gregory

    Lisa Gregory

     8 hours ago


  • Adrian Prescott

    Adrian Prescott

     9 hours ago


  • Cole Silva

    Cole Silva

     12 hours ago +1

    I'm a little late, but I've been for #TeamDionysus the whole way! He shall harvest!

    Also, the underdog is actually with Hades, and he prefers to go by Cerberus