LS Fest LAS VEGAS Day 3: Ruby Wins Some Cash/Addressing Leroy DQ Situation...

  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 7, 2019
    Addressing some drama from LS Fest and talking about the future of our two Turbo Corvettes! Big thank you to Holley Performance for having us out to LS Fest West!

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  • SGTJDerek


     1 months ago

    Yea, no. Follow the money. All sounds fishy to me. Somebody's pockets are a little lighter if you ask me. Couldn't run last year. Fixed that issue NOW they pull something else out their ass. Wonder what they'll pull out next year.

  • Sean Schutt

    Sean Schutt

     1 months ago

    I would've been mad about the dude being a pussy because he was scared of leroy.

  • 999 999

    999 999

     2 months ago

    James looks like he's still drunk for sure. Good job out there.

  • Travis Miller

    Travis Miller

     2 months ago

    ....the random ass commercials...i wish i could kill em!! lol

  • Tim Stevenson

    Tim Stevenson

     3 months ago

    More hats please!

  • LooseCannon


     3 months ago

    Cleetus you don't need a looser converter! You need our converter dump system, it'll bog hard

  • Hunter Cates

    Hunter Cates

     4 months ago

    Is James drunk or high? Lol either way it’s entertaining

  • Erik Karlonas

    Erik Karlonas

     4 months ago

    Cleetus, i love your attitude through this! Most of us wouldnt be like that for sure! LS Fest needs a new West location. Vegas has gotten too political and corrupt for its own good. Yes i can see the licensing issue being part of it, but honestly why pass Leroy when only to DQ the next time when im sure they knew what he was capable of. Not also to mention for the second year in a row. LS Fest, please move it to a place this kind of BS doesn't happen and the track isnt owned by idiotic morons who think their crap dont stink. This kind of stuff ruins good times for all. Vegas can take that crap and shove it where the sun dont shine. (end rant)

  • Easton Blake

    Easton Blake

     5 months ago

    James is awesome


  • Fullmetal Media

    Fullmetal Media

     5 months ago

    I don't think the techs in Vegas understand how big of a name you are. I've seen tracks get shut down for messing with someone that had so much influence in the car scene in general.

  • Justin Nolen

    Justin Nolen

     5 months ago

    All our girlfriends huh lmao. Ole Pimp Cleetus

  • Martin Johann Kloppers

    Martin Johann Kloppers

     5 months ago

    Inconsistency is never good for a track's reputation. Track needs to get it's act together, and apply the same policies to everyone every time every day of the year. If they decide to make exceptions, then consistently make the exceptions. Don't pass a car, and then randomly fail the same car. Then come up with excuse B. What good is tech if it's not consistently based on... well.. tech? Sounds fishy. Lost reputation = lost $$.

  • Nappy 1

    Nappy 1

     5 months ago

    I wish I found your channel 9 months ago when I lived in Orlando 😫

  • Leo J Salazar

    Leo J Salazar

     5 months ago

    I want a hat!!!!

  • Andy Proper

    Andy Proper

     5 months ago

    I want more unboxing videos

  • Utah Sucks

    Utah Sucks

     5 months ago

    How many times you say umm and squint you look baked.

  • Trae Cummings

    Trae Cummings

     5 months ago

    "Bog Deep Enterprises".
    Dude, thats a shirt for sure. Come on guys....

  • Jay man

    Jay man

     5 months ago

    Ruby vs Rob Dahm rotatery corvette, will it ever happen???

  • James Oosterbaan

    James Oosterbaan

     5 months ago

    You guys may want to watch the Gary Banks videos

  • Gerald Flatt

    Gerald Flatt

     5 months ago

    Holly, I just want you know I understand Cleetus is just human, sometimes he does not think ahead. If you could do me a favor and don't let him forget about getting his pro license and getting Leroy to ProFab. And if he seems like he has forgot again I need you to bite him right on the ass!