• Published on:  Sunday, February 24, 2019
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  • TmarTn2


     8 months ago +978

    We posted two new vlogs this weekend! Check em out on

  • Katie Wood

    Katie Wood


    I walk my two cats and they love to ride in the car and look out the windows

  • Michelle Notermann

    Michelle Notermann

     4 days ago

    You should name her princess

  • wolf shine

    wolf shine

     6 days ago

    i whach the uder vids its bella tricks

  • thepickledpear studioshoppe

    thepickledpear studioshoppe

     6 days ago

    They'll figure it out. She needs to establish her boundaries by herself. Our girl rules the dogs 😏All 3 of yours are awesome!

  • Leone Botha

    Leone Botha

     6 days ago

    You are going to name the cat Bella

  • 小雪Yifei


     6 days ago

    Look at Bella in the new videos Bella is wayyyy more older and bigger and now Bella is not really a kitty now she’s a grown girl

  • d sanders

    d sanders

     7 days ago

    luna or kibbit

  • Cynthia Basil

    Cynthia Basil

     7 days ago

    She seems like a Bombay if she is she going to be the best dog boss.

  • Jyothi P

    Jyothi P

     7 days ago

    Bella pilli

  • Josie Alloway

    Josie Alloway

     7 days ago

    Idk why but when the snapping music played, I freaked out thinking someone was near my window. I’m home alone and I guess just freaked myself out. 😂

  • Anne Bialecki

    Anne Bialecki

     7 days ago

    You two are such great role models for animal welfare. Responsible pet ownership is sooooo important. Please continue these positive and fun vlogs.

  • ana62301


     7 days ago

    Oh yuck you're teaching her that she's supposed to be on the counter top? Gross.

  • Hayley Meredith

    Hayley Meredith

     7 days ago

    Name her Tayler it’s a perfect name

  • Gr8 Old1

    Gr8 Old1

     7 days ago

    Cooper be like "Kitty be my friend lets play, why wont u play with me kitty."

  • GoldenMoonlightLove


     7 days ago

    Cooper is talking

  • Kelly Dolan

    Kelly Dolan

     7 days ago

    Even the most aggressive dogs won’t attack a kitten/puppy. Just like they have other instincts, they know it’s just a baby.
    “Let’s calm down a little bit” then pats the dog...rewarding anxious behavior. I’m so irritated by humans who don’t understand dog behavior.

  • Gunn Fredriksen

    Gunn Fredriksen

     7 days ago

    Keep her of course!

  • Stingrayshark


     7 days ago

    Purina One is junk crap food as are all Purina pet food.

  • communist


     7 days ago

    17:38 what