Anthony Joshua Explains Andy Ruiz Jr Fight Round By Round

  • Published on:  Thursday, August 8, 2019
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    The highly anticipated breakdown of Anthony Joshua's first professional defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr at Madison Square Garden is here. Sitting down with Savage Dan two months on from the dramatic night in New York, JD's Joshua gets into the biggest talking points of the night and lets his fans know he's 100% focused on getting his titles back and becoming the two-time world champion.

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  • Angelika Rowińska

    Angelika Rowińska

     14 days ago

    Gościu byłeś żałośny i ta walka w twoim śmiesznym wydaniu to był wstyd!

  • Yoo Mr

    Yoo Mr

     21 days ago

    Proud of dan👏🏾

  • Andrew Hook

    Andrew Hook

     21 days ago

    Now Ruiz ruined his life

  • Dj mixsir

    Dj mixsir

     1 months ago

    Joshua turned into mayweather “hit and run” just like a chicken.

  • Kristy Kabui Daughter

    Kristy Kabui Daughter

     1 months ago +1

    He won the rematch so there goes that theory, he said it and HE'S COME ON TOP. AWESOME AJ.

  • Alex Cruz

    Alex Cruz

     1 months ago

    That fight looked set up

  • Nad K

    Nad K

     1 months ago

    Did they find this guy from JD Westfield Stratford



     1 months ago

    He won the rematch the bitch way, he just run 🏃 he was scared of the fat punches for the Mexican

  • Bennn


     1 months ago

    So...whos explaining the rounds again?

  • Ali Davis

    Ali Davis

     1 months ago

  • Ali Davis

    Ali Davis

     1 months ago

    Let me be the 1st one to congratulate you here on winning back your championship Anthony very well done thank you for thanking God first.

  • TG S

    TG S

     1 months ago +4

    AJ won, this whole comment section is crap😂😂

  • Joe Cook

    Joe Cook

     1 months ago +2

    Love aj. Tyson first lost to Douglas had Tyson trying to find his gumshoe at count nine.
    Interesting parallel there. Also Tyson knocked down buster earlier. It was close to ten seconds.

  • Wade Goku

    Wade Goku

     1 months ago

    There you go AJ! you did it! you did it all for the British fans and all the African fans and your world fans! makemake that boy pay 👏🏾!

  • Shaun Arzu

    Shaun Arzu

     1 months ago

    Lmfaaoo he won too

  • Wayne Noel

    Wayne Noel

     1 months ago +1

    its so easy to sit in chair at home or even ringside look at this fight and JUDGE, but one thing is a clear fact, alll these people commenting on what Joshua should of done or how he underestimated the guy, have NO clue what its like to be a fighter and take hits to the head or what it takes to be a champion therefore i count them as "NO VALUE"

  • D lopez

    D lopez

     1 months ago

    You know what happen he got his ass kick and back down from the beating... God bless America

  • p H

    p H

     1 months ago

    He thought it was a done deal in the 3rd and switched down to 80%. Then he got hit and went down to 70% and could get back to the level he need to be (100%) because Ruiz didn’t give him a second to breathe.

    He needs to go in at 110%, if he gets hit he needs to use his feet and protect himself, using an uppercut would be his best bet because he is smaller but quick - he wouldn’t be able to escape as easily.

    He needs to hit him hard, fast and make Ruiz scramble his brain so he doesn’t have the same speed and coordination! And he needs to dictate!

    Praying he wins tonight!

  • Sub-Zero


     1 months ago

    IDK to me AJ doesn't have a strong heart, as soon as he got hit he wanted to give up, just go back and watch George Foreman vs Michael Moorer, he was 45, and got hit constantly yet, kept his composure and knocked Moorer the fuck out, AJ is a great guy, a great boxer, a great representative for the sport, but Andy had the bigger heart and more courage that night.

  • Fahad M

    Fahad M

     1 months ago +6

    Worst interviewer ever ! he was telling AJ how AJ felt during the fight !!