Extreme Rod Challenge - Worlds Strongest Fishing Rod

  • Published on:  Sunday, March 3, 2019
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  • LunkersTV


     10 months ago +564

    My family sincerely appreciates every single person who has purchased any piece of merch from yesterday’s video. It helps me out tremendously and thank you

  • Sameh Nicola reviews

    Sameh Nicola reviews

     6 days ago

    How much googan rods cost?

  • Damian Garza

    Damian Garza

     21 days ago


  • Damian Garza

    Damian Garza

     21 days ago

    Test the bait casters

  • Henry Landsberg

    Henry Landsberg

     28 days ago

    Love your vids brother

  • Austin Hall

    Austin Hall

     2 months ago

    Test out your Merch

  • RainbowSushii


     2 months ago

    to be fair its probably pretty exhausting because so much force goes into the bending until u actually pull something with it

  • David Williams

    David Williams

     2 months ago

    Use the google rod to pull a wake boarder or someone on a tube behind your boat

  • IcyVortexSpiritOfFishing


     3 months ago

    Googan rod vs Lewis xfinity vs qutom

  • Phanindra Gandepalli

    Phanindra Gandepalli

     3 months ago

    I want best fishing very strong flexible rod 9&12 ft,
    Rod name and model numbar please

  • Dr. •Baker

    Dr. •Baker

     4 months ago

    I think if you you watch a video on YouTube it should automatically like 👍. Then if you don’t like a video then you can change it. I don’t know how many videos I’ve watched and forgot to like or dislike.
    Great video.
    Peace ✌️

  • Jerry R

    Jerry R

     5 months ago

    your a scammer

  • unlimited awesomeness

    unlimited awesomeness

     5 months ago

    The lews reals are great the rods aren't the best tho

  • Lori Cathey

    Lori Cathey

     6 months ago

    You are lunkers TV you would never scam anyone

  • Gustavo Aparicio

    Gustavo Aparicio

     6 months ago

    You should test the limits on your personal rods and the other guy's

  • John T

    John T

     6 months ago

    Tried to buy that green rod, and look at its specs but the page is expired. What happen to the spinning rods?

  • Laramie Graham

    Laramie Graham

     6 months ago

    I just wish my local Walmart sold the googan rod and reel combos

  • Chase Williams golf

    Chase Williams golf

     6 months ago

    Lees rods break so easily

  • Brian's Big Time Bassin

    Brian's Big Time Bassin

     7 months ago

    Oh nevermind there is one haha

  • Brian's Big Time Bassin

    Brian's Big Time Bassin

     7 months ago