What They WON'T TELL YOU About Your Favorite Channels

  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 5, 2019
  • It seems like all the news you hear about YouTubers now a days, or ever, is bad news. Whether it's a new scandal, controversy, or bit of miscellaneous drama - it's a LOT. It can be very disheartening as a Creator to never see the good from our industry be recognized. I'm not looking for praise, but I want to take the time to recognize what my fellow Creators have done over the years to give back. From PewDiePie to Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Super Carlin Bros, Mr. Beast, and so many others, YouTubers (and Twitch streamers too) have done SO MUCH GOOD! Today, I want to spread all the good news with you.

    Thanks to Make-A-Wish for providing information! ► https://wish.org/

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  • Anigma Horror Stories

    Anigma Horror Stories

     3 hours ago

    Well time to create my own platform.

  • abcslayer


     20 hours ago

    i am late to the party, this video is the best. Large companies should see this, I love your work, keep doing it! :)

  • UtterTrash



    God the passion in this is just mmmmm! 👌👌👌👌👌

  • Gxcha_ØwØ !

    Gxcha_ØwØ !

     3 days ago +1

    I know im late..but i cried so hard during this....not to say im doing a debate on this the positives of social media....i need to mention this.....i need to spread this......lets spread this

  • Le Squirrel

    Le Squirrel

     4 days ago

    Hey you guys need help we can raise some mone-

    AHHhhhhHhH GaMeRs

  • A. Mermaid

    A. Mermaid

     4 days ago +1

    Wow 😲
    Mic drop

  • Oaken Shadow _Madeline McAdams_

    Oaken Shadow _Madeline McAdams_

     4 days ago

    And it is still getting worse, with Coppa.

  • 360 no scope

    360 no scope

     5 days ago

    Media: Video games cause violence

    Gamers: Donate 12 million dollars to charities and help kids suffering with metal illnesses

    Media: I'm just gonna pretend I didn't see that

    MatPat, I've been watching your video for years, and never once have I truly felt the emotion you feel, that changed, I felt your anger and passion for this. You are one of the best content creators out there and I wish nothing but the best for you. Youtubers are some of the greatest people out there, ESPECIALLY gamers and people who cover games. Don't ever stop what you're doing buddy. You got an army here, and we are gonna follow you through thick and thin.

  • Patrique Hall

    Patrique Hall

     5 days ago

    Matpat the best lawyer and great gamer rep.✊

  • Isaiahs Collins

    Isaiahs Collins

     6 days ago


  • Prince Leader

    Prince Leader

     6 days ago

    The line "We're doing good work here!" got me excited. I love this video, and I hope that YouTube sees this, and advertisers see it, and that they work together to balance the scales.

  • teamboobooseth1


     6 days ago

    And this is still true. Even after raising over $1.3 MILLION for St. Jude (Game Theory did that) it barely appeared on news, aside from YouTube-centric news sites.

  • Roblox Coder

    Roblox Coder

     7 days ago

    I feel bad for cringing..

  • Dominic Corriveau

    Dominic Corriveau

     7 days ago

    Did you really use Mark's "World's quietest letsplay" in your thumbnail?

  • Umut


     7 days ago

    No one has commented on this, like why? 1:46

  • MoppeBoy


     7 days ago

    Dear MatPat this video is very emotional and i have cried multiple times and i'm so proud of the entirely YouTube community. And you're a very nice guy and i love your content

  • Justman Gaming

    Justman Gaming

     7 days ago +1

    20 million in 2018 by everyone 20 million in 2020 by team trees

  • Cordelia Maynard

    Cordelia Maynard

     7 days ago

    This channel saved my sibling from gaining a metal allergy.
    No. *Really*. My sister's ears would be like a balloon If you hadn't released that Eeveeloution vid, My sister wouldn't have picked the right earrings, that would turn on the allergy that runs in our family. Thank you, MatPat for donating, and entertaining, and educating, and saving lots of sibling's ears(probably).
    One song by the Epoxies summarizes YouTube Gamers.

    "Everything is beautiful on video."

  • Chloee Catherine Maki

    Chloee Catherine Maki

     7 days ago

    Second time i am watching this video and it still gives me chills <3 the passion in his eyes are just .... damn .-. this is why i love this channel and been subscriber way before film theory was a thing <3 i love ya guys <3

  • Half_A_Heart Gaming

    Half_A_Heart Gaming

     7 days ago +1

    I saw ScottTheWoz at 6:33 and got really excited