World Cup Day #1 - First Round Qualifying, Leroy on 30+ PSI of Boost!

  • Published on:  Friday, November 2, 2018
  • When you go 7.8 and barely qualify top 10 lol!

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  • Travis Miller

    Travis Miller

     21 days ago

    the video didnt feel right till james showed up

  • Travis Miller

    Travis Miller

     21 days ago

    the car probably ran so good in that cold weather

  • Thelongmanable


     21 days ago

    The world record GTRis running 100 psi or they claim why are domestic vehicles not trying to push for higher PSI applications...

  • phil mortlock

    phil mortlock

     a months ago

    If trending actually means something to you, you need to learn about reality seriously it's the internet zombies come what will trending do for you.

  • UnderGround Mafia Terry James

    UnderGround Mafia Terry James

     a months ago

    Hell yeah. Let's go faster

  • gta modder 4466

    gta modder 4466

     a months ago

    The bald eagle switch was not turned on on the first pass it was used

  • Micheal Thomas

    Micheal Thomas

     a months ago

    That wanker fred trying to tell you the time before your team gets to tell you he's good at that twat

  • Todd Johnson

    Todd Johnson

     a months ago

    World Cup is such a Nice reality check. Especially when guys with money thing they are special.

  • Andy Taylor

    Andy Taylor

     a months ago

    @20;29 We DEFINITELY needed that!

  • Graphics By Rob

    Graphics By Rob

     a months ago

    13:15 The expression on this dudes face when Leroy launches is priceless!

  • Micah Buchheit

    Micah Buchheit

     a months ago

    Congratulations fellas!!
    Leroy the Savage!!

  • Leroy R53

    Leroy R53

     a months ago

    Thank you Cleetus, Cooper, and James

  • james west

    james west

     a months ago

    Hey boy I am dr pepper fan

  • Glockspecific


     a months ago

    That car @ 13 min was at a billion rpm

  • dillon sanford

    dillon sanford

     2 months ago

    I want your life, lol bald eagle 13:08

  • Brandon Showe

    Brandon Showe

     2 months ago +3

    Just watching this video from last year getting myself hyped for this year. I can’t wait to see you guys ripping down the track.

  • Jimmy Tweedale

    Jimmy Tweedale

     2 months ago

    God dang manufacturers!!

  • Randall Tufts

    Randall Tufts

     3 months ago

    5 pounds of areo on the front and about 20 pounds on the rear axle and watch the .1 sec on the leave time improve and .1/.15 on the big end go up. At these speeds weight transfer and aerodynamics make ALL the difference.
    Translation: sometimes heavier is much faster. Great job cleeter &Leroy.

  • Jonathan Sanchez

    Jonathan Sanchez

     3 months ago

    I could only imagine how fast that thing would be with a sequential.

  • Shill Destroyer

    Shill Destroyer

     3 months ago

    when you use leroy on the highway to collect gas is that in your conveyance as a man on land?