• Published on:  Thursday, May 16, 2019
  • After “Escaping Backyard Pond Monster on Sharer Family Vacation!! (Top Secret Evidence Processing) “ Now that The Sharer fam do not have to worry about the pond monster mystery creature in their backyard, Stephen and Grace Sharer can have some family friendly fun content! The Sharer fam have finally made it to their spring break family vacation house! The week long spring break will contain of water sports, underwater challenge, inflatable obstacle course and much more fun. Today Steven and Grace are playing a family friendly fun hide n seek challenge game in the new vacation mansion. Last to be found WINS $10,000. Hide n Seek will help the Sharer siblings to learn hiding skills Just in case the pond monster mystery creature comes back they will know where to hide so the monster won’t catch them. This Hide and Seek challenge is simple, just start hiding and the last one to be found is the challenge winner! Who is going to be the best Hide And Seek player? Stephen or Grace are both very good #HideandSeek and #Challenge lets see who can win this family challenge!!

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    🤟HEY SHARERS🤟Comment below⤵️ What video i should do next. If i pick your idea I will give you a **SHOUT OUT***

  • Samantha Ritchie

    Samantha Ritchie


    Have you ever seen the puppet master and pippet

  • Mikey Jones

    Mikey Jones

     6 days ago

    24-hours in the closet

  • Martina Avila

    Martina Avila

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  • Shawn Cooper

    Shawn Cooper

     7 days ago

    Grace is under the table

  • Caryn Butts

    Caryn Butts

     7 days ago

    you should make a spying for 24 hours

  • Olivia Grainger

    Olivia Grainger

     14 days ago

    From molly

  • Ma Jassim

    Ma Jassim

     14 days ago +1

    Why don’t you guys do a 24 hour challenge in the backyard

  • k f

    k f

     14 days ago +1

    Steven is in the sauna

  • Bonnie Aupperlee

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     14 days ago


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  • katja Roberson

    katja Roberson

     21 days ago

    Where did you get the $10,000

  • jhofff f

    jhofff f

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  • Levi Halvorsen

    Levi Halvorsen

     21 days ago

    It's supposed to go Rock Paper Scissors Shoot

  • Thomas Welch

    Thomas Welch

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  • Diana Pool

    Diana Pool

     28 days ago

    Grace I'm am going to ask you a question do you like your new house

  • Alexis Kinsey

    Alexis Kinsey

     a months ago

    Grace & Steven Sharer are cool & that is a very nice big house

  • Kerry Aston

    Kerry Aston

     a months ago

    You should do 24 hours in the bathroom

  • Isaac Rodgers

    Isaac Rodgers

     a months ago

    If i was you i would hide on the very top floor because it takes a long time for them to get up there i always go for the furthest away from the counter

  • Lyndcy Anderson

    Lyndcy Anderson

     a months ago

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