LS vs Coyote 2, Episode 4: A Winner Crowned In Dramatic Dyno Session

  • Published on:  Friday, March 29, 2019
  • In a dogfight on Westech's engine dyno, the LS and Coyote engines are dyno tested in a quest for victory in the competition. LS vs. Coyote 2: Boost, is a competition where two teams were given $15,000 budgets, plus ProCharger superchargers, in a quest to make the absolute most horsepower per dollar allowed in a brutal dyno test. Budgets were pushed to the limits in order to win. Top engine builders, LME and MPR, were both were given the platform (LS and Coyote) and a common set of rules to build on - which included VP C85 fuel, up to 12-rib serpentine belts, their choice of any ProCharger, and hydraulic roller camshafts (among other things). These teams were challenged to make the most horsepower possible on a fixed budget. Things got dicey in the room, as both builders tried to push the limits and the rulebook in ways we didn't even imagine.
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