My Worst Nightmare... How We Nearly Missed Race Week and Lost Our Beloved Corvettes!

  • Published on:  Sunday, July 7, 2019
  • Here's a story about one of the craziest days of my career. How we nearly lost Leroy and Ruby to a fire... how we almost missed the biggest race we've ever been to!
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  • Scott Bayer

    Scott Bayer

     1 months ago

    Hopefully ya’all saved that tune from Rocky Mountain RaceWeek.... quick flash next year and Leroy the Savage is ready

  • Zack Heiser

    Zack Heiser

     2 months ago

    Well yea you had issues, you hired a guy with a Ford 😂

  • Psynide


     3 months ago

    Those damn 6.4L engines have done more damage to the Powerstroke brand. The 7.3, 6.0, and 6.7 are monsters but that damn International motor has more problems than the other 3 combined.

  • Stacy Dornan

    Stacy Dornan

     3 months ago

    Always have a backup plan bro

  • Alex aj

    Alex aj

     3 months ago

    I see the problem here it was a Ford

  • Jediknight 129

    Jediknight 129

     3 months ago

    Watching you guys go from breaking parts every week to taking serious consistent times and building cars for a consistent 7 days of track time and 1000mile.rpadtrips has been amazing

  • Super Man

    Super Man

     3 months ago

    Do a Pimp My Ride thing. "Steal" Jamie's truck and do it up for him while he thinks it's stolen! :D

  • Justintime2grow


     3 months ago

    Cleetus man you do you. Don't worry about the few people that wish they could be where you are and want to make you do what they would do if they were you. You spent the time making it here, you have the experience. You know best for your cars. I see this a lot in my youtube community as well. Growers will tell other growers what to do the same way, with little regard to what the owner of the garden has planned or has done. Everyone thinks their way is the right way.

  • Michael Delfs

    Michael Delfs

     3 months ago

    Was the Ram 2500 that saved the day have a Hemi or Cummins? 20k on a bumper pull trailer by a SRW is impressive.

  • Carstuff111


     3 months ago

    I have seen far worse oil in daily driven cars, so no worries!!!



     3 months ago

    You should by the trans port driver a know truck

  • James Last

    James Last

     3 months ago

    Cleetus, I don’t know how you can maintain the schedule you keep, even without having emergency issues like the one you had. Going to school and all the rest, all I can say is that you will never fail, working as hard as you do and that kind of effort becomes contagious to the rest of the team as well, that will only boost the level of everything that you guys choose to tackle. I have been in the transportation business all of my working life and solving problems like the one you had and when you are able to make the impossible happen, it is really satisfying.
    I think the reason your channel is so successful is that your team comes across as regular guys and you yourself are either a great actor or you are genuine and I think that people really enjoy that about you, the viewers feel like they are there with you guys and your reactions to whatever happens, good or bad are genuine. That allows a connection with your viewers that so many that are trying to get a channel going seem to lack. Thanks for all the great content and I wish you and all your team continued and increased success, keep safe and may God bless all of you.

  • enigmaPL


     4 months ago +1

    Everyone saying that Jamie needs to get hooked up with new transmission.......

    Are you all forgetting the hard work the stock transmission did? And your idea of rewarding that, is to rip it out and replace it? C'mon that's no way to treat good parts that treat you good.

    When you take care of your stuff, it takes care of you. And vice versa, if your stuff takes good care of you, take good care of it. That's my philosophy.

    Maybe in the future if the stock one starts acting up or breaks, then hell yea, hook him up. Have it waiting packed on a crate somewhere until he needs one, then BAM surprise!

  • Jadesa0420


     4 months ago

    1600 miles. The same distance from my house here in PA to Odessa Texas.

  • Johnny V

    Johnny V

     4 months ago

    Tell the transporter to reach out to Art Martinez at PSP Diesel in Houston.

  • Dan


     4 months ago

    That's why you buy a Dodge ram.....

  • john doe

    john doe

     4 months ago

    Cummins Makes the Best Diesels, Hands Down

  • Tony Hill

    Tony Hill

     4 months ago

    Thanks for the explanation about Leroy in the sevens.

  • Brian


     4 months ago

    next time pull the stacker with a real truck! lot less stress

  • Maximillus the camealious.

    Maximillus the camealious.

     4 months ago

    Hell yea jamie!! Love the content keep on keeping on. Lmao gonna go run some 7 sec passes lol. Yea you tell us before you make the hits what your plan is and for those that dont understand they just dont own a car or invest the time to understand how a car truly works and that nothing last forever especially when your going for them low 7 second passes stick shift. Man your a hell of a driver and my inspiration. Let her rip tater chip and bogg deep.