WOW! Jessica Biel Definitely NOT Anti-Vaxxer wink wink, Chernobyl Influencer Fact Check, & Memphis

  • Published on:  Thursday, June 13, 2019
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    Today’s Stories:

    Protests Break Out in Memphis:

    Influencers Did Not Flock to Chernobyl:

    Jessica Biel Defends Lobbying Against Vaccination Bill:
    Full Text of the Bill:

    More News Not Included In Show Today:

    Ex-Stanford Coach Sentenced To One Day in Prison in College Admissions Scandal:

    CA Gov. Calls for Racing at Santa Anita Park to Stop:

    Life of MaK Vows to Quit YouTube:

    Kylie Jenner Faces Backlash Over “Handmaid’s Tale” Themed Party:

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  • Philip DeFranco

    Philip DeFranco

     7 months ago +982

    Here are those timecodes:
    Jessica Biel Against Vaccination Bill (00:18), TIA (4:07), Influencers Are Not Flocking to Chernobyl (6:37), Memphis Protests (10:47)

  • papashake shake

    papashake shake

     3 months ago

  • papashake shake

    papashake shake

     3 months ago

  • KappaKilljoy


     4 months ago

    I dont' get why people care about the person's chernobyl photo, it doesn't change how many people died, it doesn't change anyone who knows what happened's opinion on it, and it doesn't affect work being done. It is done for self promotion and just following something trendy but, it's not showing any dead, only ruins. It's not endangering or hurting anyone. Even if someone took a photo their dabbing or something, who gives af? The only change that will likely ensue is a percentage of the probably less informed audience of said influencer/poster will be curious as to why chernobyl is considered important, and look up and find out what happened.

  • Julian De La Calzada

    Julian De La Calzada

     5 months ago

    Thank you for shouting out Jo Koy!!!

  • c


     6 months ago

    how do antivaxxers register their kids or I guess they skip it like a lot of people which is horrible

  • JustPassingThrough


     6 months ago

    That Memphis incident was unacceptable. I understand the need to immediately dispatch an armed suspect. I also understand the value of aiming for center of mass. But 15 to 20 fatal shots? That is either poor training, unrestrained hate, or both. Either way, those officers are certainly no longer worthy of the badge, and need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Regarding the protests, those who engaged in destruction of public property and the injuring of those journalists ALSO need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. However, I do understand the hostility towards police there. That is an area where there is certainly reason to feel as if law enforcement is working more AGAINST people there, rather than for them. I think the mayoral candidate put it well. You can only bottle up the resentment such a state of living would certainly generate for so long.

  • JustPassingThrough


     6 months ago

    I do understand the impulse to assume the worst of internet influencers and celebrities in general. That they are naïve and care only about views and revenue. So I'm unsurprised at the virulence with which this fake news spread. I am however, no less disappointed in how prone to assuming  people, myself VERY much included, can be. Also the actual Chernobyl series is SO fucking disturbing, but also SO fucking good, imo. Really rams home just how fucked the actual crisis was... and is.

  • JustPassingThrough


     6 months ago

    Well I'm glad to know that yet another poisonous celebrity has been outed. Two of them I suppose, if you count Kennedy. I hope that California bill passes, because opportunities for dangerous ignoramuses like anti-vaxxers to continue to endanger society need to be as limited as possible.

  • Chelsy Glisson

    Chelsy Glisson

     6 months ago

    12:58 Maybe, this time, we could try to open a dialog instead of burning our own communities and stealing Jordan's and flat-screens. I think it's worth trying at least once....

  • dd1987x


     6 months ago

    Booty-pic McDouchebag, hahahahahaha

  • B Mov

    B Mov

     6 months ago

    Phil obsessing over anti vaxxers again, shocker.

  • Flush The Drugs

    Flush The Drugs

     6 months ago

    When he said "booty face mc douchebag" I felt that

  • first name last name

    first name last name

     6 months ago

    This is why I hate living in Memphis. People are so ignorant. Last time there was a protest the news was all like “omg Memphis is so great they had a peaceful march” peaceful for who??? Not the cops they had all kinds shit thrown at them and were told to take it and many ended up getting stitches because of it! This is why no one wants to be a cop in Memphis and we are under staffed because y’all are taking your anger out on the wrong people. Memphis is dangerous enough with out us attacking our police. Come on y’all

  • Malachite Art

    Malachite Art

     7 months ago

    I don’t have a problem with pictures being taken as long as you are being respectful, but not taking any pictures would be the preferred option. For me at least, it feels weird to take photos at the site of tragedy or in a solemn place, but as long as it’s not a disrespectful photo, go ahead

  • EnoheX


     7 months ago

    "Booty pic McDouchebag" is literally the best thing ever.

  • steven guatemala

    steven guatemala

     7 months ago

    The efests foot

  • William Standish

    William Standish

     7 months ago

    I hate the anti-vaccine people. I was told to never get the whooping cough vaccine due to birth complications. One vaccine out of many. So if someone has chosen to not have this vaccine, and gets sick/dies it pisses me off as it could have been prevented for so little. Than, to top it off, people who can't have a vaccine can be protected by here immunity. That is going away due to the number of people not having a vaccination increasing.

  • Silver Bronze

    Silver Bronze

     7 months ago

    there is a saying In Spanish “para burro no se estudia” it roughly translates to “ to be an idiot, studying isn’t required” that should be the motto of these Hollywood actresses.

  • DragonHeart 12

    DragonHeart 12

     7 months ago

    When it comes to Brandon Webber, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. If you shoot a man 5 times to steal his car, use that stolen car to ram into police multiple times, then exit the car with gun drawn, you have given up your right to life. That's just the way it is