Irish People Try Poitín (Irish Moonshine)

  • Published on:  Monday, July 1, 2019
  • Irish People try the potent 'Irish Moonshine' - a.k.a Poitín! Did they survive? MERCH MADNESS:
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    Irish spirit Poitín (pronounced po-cheen) is one of the strongest drinks in the world with an alcoholic volume of 40-90%. It is also known as Poteen. It comes from the Irish word 'pota' which means 'pot'. We decided to get some popular branded Poitín from a local source, and see what our Irish People made of it!

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  • lances4803


     an hour ago

    Dermot and Lena are great together!

  • HinduHillbilly


     4 hours ago

    It's so sweet that Dermot brought his daughter to work!

  • peter james

    peter james

     10 hours ago

    you need to try Norwegian drinks oh boy your in for a treat aqavit to start with

  • Jacob Newell

    Jacob Newell

     22 hours ago

    Have Ciara and Leather Jacket Guy go on a date

  • Jacob Newell

    Jacob Newell

     22 hours ago

    Ciara, Leather Jacket Guy, and Irish Jesus: the Holy Irish Trinity

  • Jeff Adams

    Jeff Adams


    Ciara, I would drink with you any day 😀

  • satans legion

    satans legion


    I wanna try poitín now

  • MetroVerse



    Am I the only one who thinks Lena is stunningly beautiful?

  • Kamara Pierre

    Kamara Pierre


    Lena and Dermot are my favorites lmao we need more Lena

  • Taylor Alden

    Taylor Alden

     2 days ago

    Ciara 500% proof o0o I like it lol

  • John Kimber

    John Kimber

     2 days ago

    The brown chick is not Irish, she's a foreigner that was born in Ireland...Western Europe needs to stop embracing the invasion of their countries.

  • Paula Laye

    Paula Laye

     2 days ago

    Love and adore ciara and her mate on this video, I would now have died after just one glass of this stuff, but I'm an old bird of 64, so there paula xx

  • initial faust

    initial faust

     2 days ago

    on the last one when dermot made that noise and lena just looks at him and made it back i almost shot scotch out of my nose.

  • Bolt Design Studio

    Bolt Design Studio

     2 days ago

    future single mothers.

  • paul mahler

    paul mahler

     2 days ago

    o wamt to marry the dark hair dark skin girl i love her

  • sad college kid

    sad college kid

     2 days ago

    Ciara is basically villanelle from killing Eve

  • PhatKid68


     3 days ago

    My favorite - 3:38, Eadaoin looks a Ciara like she's deaf and reading lips; " drink that like water don't ya?" Love Eadaoin!

  • bosyapmayageldim .d

    bosyapmayageldim .d

     3 days ago

    " its the drink you drink when you hate yourself, and you wanna feel something " ...felt that

  • skylineboy001


     3 days ago

    Has Sarina fought anyone yet? 😂

  • Colin Gantiglew

    Colin Gantiglew

     3 days ago

    Why the fuck can't yanks do anything without over-acting. Pathetic.