McFarland Fab Opens Its Doors To Repair Ruby's Boost Creep Problem! **EXPERT WELDING**

  • Published on:  Thursday, April 4, 2019
  • Ruby needs some repair, McFarland Fab on the job!
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  • Keenan Hass

    Keenan Hass

     7 days ago

    You are the King of cob jobs...amazing you get down any track at all.

  • Keenan Hass

    Keenan Hass

     7 days ago

    You morons couldn't fabricate your way out of a puff of did I just watch. Watching your vids makes my eyes bleed.

  • Bruce W Randol

    Bruce W Randol

     14 days ago

    James gets my vote for chief welder on this job.

  • Sean Schutt

    Sean Schutt

     1 months ago

    No gap too big, no gap to small, Cletus McFarland can fill them all! McFarland Fab "We fill all your holes!"

  • V3 Cj

    V3 Cj

     2 months ago

    Evel Knievel couldn't jump those gaps lol.

  • mspider12


     3 months ago

    Some reason I want a mt dew.

  • Prince Of The East

    Prince Of The East

     3 months ago

    Wanna see a video on that C10 lol

  • Zach Bonham

    Zach Bonham

     3 months ago

    If you can step across it , you can weld it . Lol awesome job

  • Michael Nichols

    Michael Nichols

     3 months ago

    Dang cleetdo get you some gloves id hate for one of those bald eagles to to get you with there beak

  • roscocsa


     4 months ago

    Never welded with gloves before , it’s a game changer.

    Goodness. Thats’s a hell of a statement.

  • UncleHank


     4 months ago

    Try practicing on scraps like my high school welding class.

  • Ryan Gray

    Ryan Gray

     7 months ago

    James is killing me don’t ever get rid of him

  • Chaz Sullivan

    Chaz Sullivan

     7 months ago


  • E Rock

    E Rock

     7 months ago

    Careful when filming and welding. The arcs can hurt your camera lens if they get too bright.

  • Duals Portvet

    Duals Portvet

     7 months ago

    DUDE Love this channel! I beng watch it. But I have to say I'd be 100 bucks not only could I weld better and it's been years, but I can shift faster too and smoother. HAHA let er rip!

  • Mike


     7 months ago


  • leeman1790


     7 months ago

    Those welds gave me cancer.

    But for real that's how I learned when I got my first mig setup when I was 16. Now I'm pretty damn good(in my opinion)

  • Austin's Stuff

    Austin's Stuff

     7 months ago

    Would be cool to see a 4 rotor or have a fab shop make a Group C shell and make a ls or 4 rotor group C replica maybe drag race it ?

  • Justin Fahnestock

    Justin Fahnestock

     7 months ago

    He doesn't forget to turn the gas on just the inner color on Leroy

  • David Williams

    David Williams

     7 months ago

    😂 I can't weld but sure love your shit welds😂