Here's Why the 2019 BMW X7 Is the Best Big Luxury SUV

  • Published on:  Thursday, March 7, 2019


    The 2019 BMW X7 is the newest full-size luxury SUV -- and the best. Today I'm reviewing the BMW X7 to show you why the X7 is so great -- and I'm taking you on a full tour of the X7, to show you all the cool technology and features of the new BMW X7.

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  • Andreas Bøgh Sørensen

    Andreas Bøgh Sørensen

     2 days ago

    That thing can’t be practical?? It is SOOO HUGE and it would be like driving an oil tanker around if it wasn’t the US Doug reviewed it in - try come to Europe.

  • Im 2technical

    Im 2technical

     3 days ago +1

    That title goes to the Lincoln navigator hands down.....

  • Sergey Nesterchuk

    Sergey Nesterchuk

     4 days ago

    Car look nice but it braks a lot I have x5 and one of my family also has x5 and always problem and to fix it cost lots of money, my recommendation stay away from any BMW buy Americans cars like expedition or gmc or Chevy those cars never break

  • Khalil Nassif

    Khalil Nassif

     4 days ago

    Problème coulage de l’ trouve..(cause). après que certain millage (+- 40000)..cause thermostat s ouvre à une température trop élevée il faut que ça chauf trop, pour la puissance force la ..diff.avec le japonais (Toyota infi certains modèles )thermostat s ouvre à une température moins ca prend beaucoup de millage avant que ça coule... bmw 2x prix.reparer...tout boot aluminium non garantie chez bmw même si vous avez garantie il faut payer

  • Duke Waldsmith

    Duke Waldsmith

     4 days ago +1

    So much room in the 3rd row Rosa Parks would give up her front row seat to sit in the back...😂

  • Boris J.

    Boris J.

     4 days ago +1

    Customer: "I need a Car, with a real ugly Grill!"
    BMW: "We can do that!"

  • Kimberly Little

    Kimberly Little

     5 days ago

    I want this or the discovery

  • Vadlimirs


     5 days ago

    To be clear. I watch Doug because I replace him with Top Gear.

  • Hank the Ninja

    Hank the Ninja

     7 days ago

    i love that the x7 does not treat the people in the third row like bitches in the back
    they treated them with sunroofs,heated seats and space

  • The Robot Person

    The Robot Person

     7 days ago

    Is this the first time Doug can easily get into a backseat if you know what I mean

  • Adam King

    Adam King

     7 days ago

    Have they solve the sagging head lining problem on EVERY BMW ?

  • Carter Benedetto

    Carter Benedetto

     7 days ago

    A Tesla can drive itself at any speed and there is no camera to stalk you when your driving... this can only do it at 40 and is watching you?... pathetic!

  • Michael Perrin

    Michael Perrin

     7 days ago

    I'm assuming there's a master override switch at the divers console for the 3rd row, as kids will be kids ?

  • GP McD

    GP McD

     7 days ago

    If the back up assistant reverses you out of a space following the same path it took into that space, what happens if surrounding objects have changed? Example: You park at the supermarket and the cars on either side of you were appropriately spaced. But when you return to leave, a new car on your driver side has parked so close you almost need a can opener to open your door. If it took the exact path it took to park you, you would now scrape the entire passenger side of the car beside you. Would the X7 sense the problem and correct itself, or would you need to take over? (After you left a very nasty note on the window of the car beside you telling them to learn how to park and to be mindful of the cars around them of course)

  • William 12

    William 12

     7 days ago

    and the maintain cost for this shit enough to buy a new lamboghini

  • horrnett


     7 days ago

    you cannot open the tailgate door when u r in motion. at least in mine I cant until I have fully stopped

  • James Philhower

    James Philhower

     7 days ago

    Do the new Fisker SUV

  • Drew Romea

    Drew Romea

     7 days ago

    His score means nothing . It’s not a national poll it’s not based of many people opinion it’s based off one goofy guys dumb opinion of cars

  • Patrick Kennedy

    Patrick Kennedy

     7 days ago

    16:46 when you want a luxury SUV but stance is life



     7 days ago +1

    Man this guy goes to all detail about this bmw..well done made me to chek it out bmw dealer.