ELUSIVE Waterfall Lizard!

  • Published on:  Friday, March 1, 2019
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    On this episode of Breaking Trail: Legacy Series, we take a look back at the time Coyote and the crew caught one elusive water anole!

    Get ready... you're about to see Coyote find an elusive waterfall lizard!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/mdpx__jvKxQ


  • Hayashi Shirou

    Hayashi Shirou

     28 days ago

    be careful with waterfall/stream area during rainstorm... may have flash flood during or after storm. can kill people. almost every year someone gets killed by waterfall's flash flood during raining season here.

  • Calvin Booper

    Calvin Booper

     2 months ago

    That intro man

  • XxDarlax X

    XxDarlax X

     2 months ago

    He protecc
    He atacc
    But most importantly
    He needs his wings on his bacc

  • Foxy Cinema

    Foxy Cinema

     4 months ago

    I Caught a rare tree frog before!!!

  • Dana Wormlight

    Dana Wormlight

     5 months ago

    Can you get bit by a tarantula

  • {Mysterious_Coyote}


     5 months ago

    That’s the best intro in the world

  • Angel Ghost

    Angel Ghost

     5 months ago

    Handsome lizard.

  • Nicholas Wilhelm

    Nicholas Wilhelm

     6 months ago

    ITS SO CUTE!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍☺☺☺😊

  • Guakaymole


     6 months ago




     7 months ago

    Why does this remind me of Jurassic park....wait I’m late this was a few months ago :(

  • Karen Barberan

    Karen Barberan

     7 months ago

    Can you make a video of the European legless lizard?

  • Aaron Willis

    Aaron Willis

     7 months ago

    Can you bring me the lizard so that I can learn about them

  • The Pokè Center

    The Pokè Center

     7 months ago

    Hi welcome to coyote peterson

  • Rallexus


     7 months ago

    5:47 thats so weird, i can do the same with my grandmother, is she a lizard perhaps?

  • Elchupayobroez L

    Elchupayobroez L

     9 months ago

    This is an oldy but a goodie

  • Maddox Rohrer

    Maddox Rohrer

     9 months ago

    Lizard: shoot he got me
    Coyote: danged he was a baby one

  • hi hi

    hi hi

     9 months ago

    0:01 hey Vsause micheal here

  • Muhammad Adam Darwisy Mohammad Razazilah

    Muhammad Adam Darwisy Mohammad Razazilah

     9 months ago

    Da intro tho

  • Jeeper1378


     9 months ago

    What a name for a car sealant Anole super sealant LOL

  • Kyuu Nine

    Kyuu Nine

     9 months ago

    The stunt your like Indiana Jones